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How to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready?

How to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready?


Monsoon Paint Tips for Exterior Paints

The season of Monsoon is the harbinger of joy in India. After months of scorching heat and blazing sun, the first droplets of water that fall from the sky bring respite for everyone, but not so much for their house paint. The moisture-laden air is a mortal enemy of the exterior of a house and ruins it completely through cracks, peel-offs, and moist patches.

People take utmost care to ensure that the internal structure of their house is strong and durable, but when it comes to the house paint, they often choose a cheaper alternative to save cost.

General Instructions:

Ideally, a house should be painted before the beginning of the monsoon, between February to April. Before beginning the paint job:

1. Check For Cracks And Leaks

It is important to check what type of surface we would apply paint on to achieve desirable results. Thoroughly analyse the walls, gateways, and windows for leaks and cracks. These must be properly covered first to give a smooth foundation to the house paint and prevent monsoon damages.

2. Waterproof The Walls

Walls are made with the help of concrete that tends to absorb a lot of water. After the application of paint, it is this water that seeps into the walls and damages them. In addition to moisture and wind, the monsoon is also accompanied by storms that carry a lot of dust and ruin the shine of house paint.

To protect the house against any damage, the paint must be::

  • Silicone-based – It protects the wall from moisture and prevents the appearance of dark moisture patches. This also leads to safety against fungal build-up on exterior walls.
  • Polymer-based – A polymer-based paint safeguards the wall from dust built up and maintains its freshness.

3. Repair Damages

Even if the house was not painted before the monsoon and the exterior walls suffered damage, it is not difficult to get it repaired. Call a team of experts after the monsoon and get the walls repaired. Before repainting, the cracks in the wall should be filled, and a waterproofing treatment should be done to prevent further damage.

Any leaking pipes or drains must also be replaced so that they don’t drain the water back into the walls.

Wall Colour Ideas for Monsoon

 High Quality Wall Paint for Monsoon


In addition to choosing a high-quality Indigo Paint, one must also choose the right wall colours to make the rain damage hardly visible. Let’s have a look at a few here:

1. Deep Blue

Deep Blue looks very classy on the exterior of houses and offers great protection against dust. Its dark tones hide moisture damage well.

2. Steel Grey

Steel grey would be perfect for house paint in monsoons. The colour is such that moisture damage would only be faintly visible. Pair it with black or white on windows and doors to achieve an ideal combination.

3. Teal

Teal is an unconventional idea for paint colour, but it looks stunning and very eye-catching. It goes extremely well with brown and white and would be perfect for someone who likes to do things unconventionally.

4. Exposed brick

Exposed bricks in the shades of brown, ochre, or tan shades can give an earthy-rusty look to houses and are ideal for people who have a soft spot for the vintage.

5. Ochre

Ochre gives a mellow tone to the exterior house paint and looks elegant. This colour withstands even the worst of storms and would be ideal for any house during a monsoon.

Information About Relevant Indigo Paints Product

To make a house Monsoon ready, one must select a paint that can withstand moisture damage and all-weather challenges, such as the Indigo Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Laminate which offers protection not just from the moisture damage but also from the dusty winds that accompany the monsoon. It has nanoparticle technology that repels dust and an excellent film elongation covering even hairline cracks.

Its silicone polymers protect from the harmful UV rays, and its water-repellent nature and algae protection keep the walls looking good as new!

Do not let rain hinder the creative juices. With Indigo Paints, anyone can paint their house without worrying about moisture damage and cracks. Follow the suggestions above and paint the house of your dreams!

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