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How do you apply enamel paint to wood?

How do you apply enamel paint to wood?

Enamel Paints are highly practical and come with a lot of benefits. It is apt for painting surfaces that are subject to regular wear and tear or furniture items built for outdoor usage. Applying enamel paint on wood enables the paint to last longer, giving the surface a hard, glossy and durable finish. Since enamels are available in a broad spectrum of colours and can be both water-based or oil-based, it is vital to select the right mix as per your project requirement. While water-based enamels are easier to work with and dry faster, oil-based enamels last longer, giving the surface a smoother luminous texture.


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Steps to apply enamel paint to the wood.


Step 1

To achieve the glossy finish on your furniture, it is crucial to prepare the wooden surface in close detail. You have to start with scrapping the wood with a fine-grit sandpaper. It will smoothen the edges by creasing any ridges or uneven elevations.


Step 2

Primers are unique paint products used as a base coat that prepares the surface before applying the topcoat. A layer of primer will fill fissures or rifts in the wooden surface, giving the paint a relatively uniform area to stick. Select a colour which goes with your enamel paint and avoid using a darker undertone in comparison to the choice of enamel.


Step 3

Using the right kind of brush is very important to get the desired smooth finish on the surface. You can use a premium quality natural-haired brush to maintain the uniformity in the orientation and thickness of each brushstroke. It is advisable to wet the tip of the brush with the right amount of paint before application. The strokes should disappear once the undercoat begins to dry.

Enamel Paints

Step 4

Sand the surface with the sandpaper once again. Remove any dust from the furniture with the help of a dry cloth before applying the enamel paint.

Step 5

Paint the surface with the enamel paint. Use a quality paint brush and apply it with even strokes. Avoid soaking the brush with too much paint and allow the coat to dry for a week post-application.

Step 6

Sand the surface once again with the fine-grit sandpaper. Apply a second coat of enamel paint and let it dry for a week. Apply a third layer in case the furniture unit would be subjected to heavy usage.


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