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Everything One Must Know About Floor Paint – A Complete Guide

Everything One Must Know About Floor Paint – A Complete Guide

A beautiful glossy floor is what every house-owner desires! Depending on the style of the home, today’s floor paint colours suit a variety of design styles and offer a feeling of rustic charm, classic elegance, or whimsical quirkiness. Furthermore, floor paint may be an excellent method to add individuality. A stunning floor paint design with a modern twist is a perfect way to revamp your house while protecting the flooring from corrosion.

Here’s additional information on why you should consider applying floor paint, how to apply the paint, and what floor paint colours can be ideal for your floor surface.

Why is a floor paint design a must for your dream home?

Your house should reflect your tastes, with a splash of colour, plenty of light, and carefully selected curios for a personal touch. To give your area a facelift, use high-quality hues that provide excellent styling ideas. The colours are lovely and have a variety of effects on us. Soothing colours instantly create a tranquil ambience. While vibrant colours offer life to your space, bright colours excite the area and colours that complement your home décor improve the house’s overall appearance.

Currently, oxide colours are used for floor paints, which grow dull and fade after a few months, and algae and fungi continue to settle on the surface area, making the floor unsightly, unhygienic, and unclean. Indigo floor paint has transformed the world of floor paints by introducing highly glossy and appealing floor coat emulsions ideal for cement tiles, plain cement surfaces, terrace floors, walkways, and driveways that protect the floor from deterioration.

What is floor coat emulsion?

Floor Coat Emulsion

Indigo presents India’s first product specifically designed for beautifying and protecting the different exterior floor surfaces from algae and fungus growth. Floor Coat Emulsion has abrasion resistance and high adhesive strength, and it is designed to withstand automotive and human traffic. These readily washable paints come in a range of colours. It has a semi-gloss finish, and its easy application makes it even more functional.

So, let your floors speak for you by selecting the superior quality coat that is delightfully durable and can be used on multiple surfaces. This is how the floor coat is applied.

How to apply floor coat emulsion?

● Clean the surface of the floor thoroughly.

● Remove loose dust from the surface with a spray.

● Use a good quality wire brush to scrub and remove algae, fungi, and moss development.

● Apply a self-priming coat after diluting the emulsion with 30-40% water.

● Wait 6-7 hours before applying two coats of Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion, after diluting with water to get a brushable consistency.

● Ensure that there is no traffic for the next 48 hours or until the paint hardens.

What are the best floor paint colours for your floor surface?

With the appropriate hue, you can convert an average doorway into a pleasant and appealing greeting place. You can transform your favourite open space on the terrace into a more tranquil one with suitable floor paint colours, and you can uplift your walkways and driveways with captivating floor coats.

You may consider various factors when selecting the right colour, like how much light your porch receives, since this might affect the look of the paint. Darker colours will clash with a south-facing patio, so stick to lighter hues. Your exterior decor, the amount of space in your walkways, and many other factors are important considerations. However, a few colours will always meet your expectations and may even exceed them with their evergreen beauty enchanting impact on the viewers.

Here are some of the floor paint colours that you might consider for redefining your exterior floors –

● Green – If you wish to embellish your terrace with natural greenery, consider making it more attractive with a green hue. Moreover, green is also a fantastic colour for front porches because it complements the greenery and the natural landscape around the house, creating a beautiful and unified image.

Yellow And Red Floor Paint

● Grey – When you are confused about choosing one colour among many options, grey is a shade that will suit the needs of all kinds of floors. This subtle yet potent colour can never go wrong and will always remain to trend.

Grey And Shade Floor Paint

● Bright red Terracotta- Renovate the floors by making them more vibrant and welcoming. Consider the bright red that infuses an extra elegance to your space and is easy to maintain.

Bright Red Terracotta Floor Paint

● Turquoise – Turquoise highlights the wood and adds to the beachy feel. But don’t worry if you don’t live by the water; it also looks great in a cottage-style setting.

Turquoise Highlights Floor Paint

Many other shades can refurbish the floors and transform the appearance of the house’s exterior floors. Floor paint colour combinations can also be used for this purpose. So bring home the Indigo floor paints consisting of an array of decorative colours that enhance the floor’s appearance and protect it from damage.

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