5 Paint Colours That Attract Positive Energy

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May 28, 2022

With proper home paint colour combination, one can generate positive energy in their home. Read on to know about the best interior house paints.

Colour has a remarkable power over us, as it influences our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, so choosing it correctly is crucial. The paint colours we choose has a great impact on the beauty and ambiance of your house. Whenever you enter a room, the first thing you unknowingly notice is the wall paint and the colour combination. It is believed that indoor paint colours are likely to affect your mood instantly.

Individual rooms of the house draw different energy values; all you have to do is choose the proper home paint colour combinations to generate positive energy in your residence. Read on for some insights on the best interior house paints.

1. Yellow

Yellow is the colour of inspiration, happiness, and the sun (the power source of life). It also symbolises communication, self-esteem, and power. Even scientific research state that the hormone associated with happiness increases by yellow colour. Yellow is an excellent hue for a house in general. The colour can also be considered as the mood lifting approach for your space as it represents the fire seed or element.

The lighter version of the colour yellow can be considered as the earthly colour to use with the mute white to enhance the corners of your rooms. Yellow colour also helps to stir up your creativity, thinking, brainstorming, confidence, etc.

2. Red

Red is one of the special and symbolic colours that the brain can identify and can pick up instantly. Red symbolises bravery, love, passion, energy, and strength. People believe that red colours give them the confidence, power, and excitement they want in their life.

Using a shade of red as the paint colour for your house can be a stimulating and act as a confidence booster. A light shade of red for the bedroom or the recreational space or the lobby will energise the space.

3. Blue

One needs to calm themselves once in a while with their hectic and busy schedule during the day. Choosing a blue colour as the paint colour of your room may provide a calming effect to the body and mind. Most of the time, blue colour is applied to the bathrooms, single wall colour for bedrooms, and also the workspace. Blue decor complements well with the blue house painting colours because they make you feel relaxed and more centred.

4. Green

The colour represents life. It relaxes us with all the stress we are going through and also enhances the positive vibe in your house. One can select this colour especially for their bedrooms, as per some vastu shastra rules. It is believed that green colour helps with healing and provides the soothing effect. Gorgeous shades of green abound throughout nature. As a result, painting your walls green might help to create a better connection with the nature.

5. Purple

The colour purple displays a sense of spirituality, and coloring the rooms in purple paint may help with meditation. It helps to bring positivity into the home. Purple creates the ideal environment for peaceful reflection. Purple can be a great choice for a single wall display colour for your bedroom to feel calm. The colour is also believed to promote comfortable and relaxing sleep.

House painting colours can have a negative or positive impact on your mood. Understanding the influence of colours can thus assist you in creating a space that promotes a positive mental state. The suggestions above will assist you in attracting positive energy to your home.

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