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Beautiful Wedding Colour Palette Ideas for Your House

Beautiful Wedding Colour Palette Ideas for Your House

A beautiful colour palette can instantly transform a living area from good to excellent. But when it comes to choosing colours for your home, there are various paint ideas to pick from, and often, we feel spoiled for choice. Why not make your choice simpler by carrying the colour scheme of your wedding into your house?

An Indian wedding is a burst of vibrant colours and liveliness. Everything about the ceremony, including the marriage home painting, represents the couple’s bond in a marriage. Now, preserve the warmth of that palette in your homes. Popular wedding colour palette combinations have been transformed into lovely home décor and paint-colour choices.

Wedding Colour Palette - By Indigo Paints

1. Earthy tone

This bright living room represents the soil and sky with a bold palette of browns, blues, and ivory. This bridal palette of brown and blue in softer monochromatic tones provide a sense of peace to the home. Different colours of brown on the floor and walls with turquoise accents and striped drapes add just the excitement you need to the space.

2. Old Cinematic style

Maharaja Style - living room

This style is one of the most adored colour palette ideas for Indian weddings, so why not incorporate this theme into your living room? Add that old Bollywood charm to your living room with pale azure, linens, and ivory. For this style, use luxury touches, such as upholstered furniture with the nail-headed finish, velvet pillows, reflective side tables, a snowy shaggy rug, and metallic accessories.

3. Shades of autumn

Autumn shade for young adult room by - Indigo Paints

Enjoy the vibrant colours of fall all year long! On the colour wheel, rich orange and gold are analogous hues close to each other. These colours are in harmony with one another and create the most welcoming spaces. Monochromatic tones of tangerine and orange/brown added to the cushions and carpets enhance the sensation of unity. A basic brown sofa provides a welcome reprieve from the room’s intense hues, bringing equilibrium to the space.

4. Uptown style

Old Country House 1 Bedroom

The mocha, caramel, and cherry colours decorate this delectably stylish living area. Paint the walls in chocolate and brown tones, and fuchsia pillows and a golden table and lamp give glitz and style to the space. The animal print cushions are essentially neutrals, so they’ll go with practically any colour scheme. Throw in a bold painting on the walls for a sharp monochrome painting.

5. Grayish blue

This gorgeous colour scheme is not only appropriate for wintertime weddings, but it’s one of the most effortless to incorporate into the home. Gray-blue is at the number one spot of favorite bedroom paint colours for a reason. Research suggests that a blue room helps you sleep deeply, and it’s just plain attractive. This is no doubt why residences with bedrooms painted this hue sell for more money! Combine your wintry whites and blue with warm textures that make your bedroom cozy.

6. Gold and blue

Gold & Blue Wall Paint Studio bedroom

Choose navy and gold for a summertime wedding. This classic combo of primary colours looks great both in your wedding venue and at home. White framing and cabinets pop against blue walls, so there is no need to be afraid to go darker. The towering walls are complemented by a gold sectional with modern contemporary leanings. Then tie it all in with personalized artwork and decorations that tell a romantic colour story.

7. Burgundy and black

Burgundy and black are perfect for a spectacular event in the late fall. At home, it’s just as stunning, and why wouldn’t it be? Consider a plush velvet couch and armchair, dark wood flooring, and a floral mural. Try painting the wall a deep burgundy colour for the backdrop.

8. Coral

If your wedding was young, delicate, and springtime, this is the colour palette for you. It creates a subtle but beautiful transformation of your house. Begin with a neutral foundation and anchor the bright colours with a cream rug and sofa. Then begin layering with a coral coffee table and pillows. And don’t worry, gold accents and spotless, minimal furniture will keep this from becoming too girly.

9. Rose toned

Personal. Cheerful. Calm. When you look at this living area, these things come to mind. The sofa is a dark midnight blue, complemented with a lighter-toned wool throw, while the walls, ground, and carpet are all relaxing grays. Pink decorative pillows and florals break up the grays and blues, so they don’t overpower. A wall of white tables creates a focal point. Photos in black and white add character to the decor.

How can Indigo paints help?

Beige texture Design for Living room

Deciding on a wedding colour palette for your home is not an easy task. Indigo paints is here to help you out. Book a call to consult with our experts, and we will help you select the best colours.

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