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The best colours for your living room

The best colours for your living room

The living room is the most prominent part of your home, and so merits an element of glamour, drama, and fun. It needs to be a representation of your best foot forward in style and comfort. Style up your living space with stunning living room paints. You can let yourself reflect on your walls with the right interior paint colours. Colours make a ‘hue’-ge difference Colours are a masterstroke in the interior décor of any room, and the living room in particular. That’s the place where you spent a major portion of your day, have parties, invite guests and friends, and present the aesthetic of your household. Experimenting with living room paint colours can result in fascinating and unexpected possibilities. We offer a variety of choices and a vast palette to pick from, to ensure that you find the perfect choice for you.

Here are top 8 colours that are sure to paint a difference to your living room:

  1. Pink – it is an all-time favourite pastel colour pick. Try out this pretty colour to lend a soft, soothing look and feel to the room.
  2. Purple – this colour is sure to brighten up and bring airy freshness to your room.
  3. Cream – this colour is a classic choice when you want a traditional feel to your room. Cream and beige colours look best with darker-hued furniture and furnishings.
  4. Blue – an amazing colour pick to lend your living room a sophisticated elegance. You can bring a natural, breezy feel to your room by trying out seascape-inspired blues or glam it up with a stunning turquoise.
  5. Rust – it is definitely amongst the bolder, darker living paint colours. When contrasted with lighter-shade flooring, the outcome is majestic, rich and elegant.
  6. Red – it is a powerful colour that immediately lends an energetic, dramatic statement to your living area. This warm and inviting colour is sure to perk up your home-sweet-home moments.
  7. Charcoal grey – this contemporary, smart colour scheme is trending in the colour palette of living room paints. Its neutral colour tone gives an earthy feel.
  8. Gold & bronze – add a dash of metallic feel to your living area while experimenting with these golden and bronze hues.

Some easy tips to choose colours You can easily build up your colour palette if you resort to these cool tips:
  • Ask yourself which colour on walls will make you the happiest. While starting out, you could try the same or stick to shades close to it.
  • Next, you need to decide whether you want a neutral living room paint colour, warm and earthy colour scheme, or a more glamourous aesthetic with bolder hues.
  • When you feel utterly confused in picking the right hue from the colour catalogue of living room paints, our colour analysts at Indigo paints will be more than happy to help.


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