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How to choose the perfect bedroom paint

How to choose the perfect bedroom paint

Colors add life to a house and turn it into a home. Choosing the right color for your home is a bit tricky. Bedroom, being one room where we spend the maximum amount of hours resting or chilling, it becomes pertinent to understand how to choose bedroom paint which both reflects your taste and is comforting to your eyes. Indigo Paints brings to you an ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect bedroom paint.

1. Warm Colors

You must have observed how hotel rooms always have a warm ambience to them. They are usually painted in shades of yellow and white with warm lights which instantly make you feel comforted. You can go for something similar. You can use warm tones of light colors such as shades of yellow, pink, blue or even white to paint your bedroom walls. This will make your bedroom appear warm, spacious and welcoming.

2. Pastel or Neutral colors

For those of you, who have big bedrooms with varied furniture like sofa, table, study table, chairs, etc. should definitely go for pastel or neutral colors. Your bedroom paint acts as a background to your furniture, giving your bedroom a fuller or a complete look. Some of the go-to colors can be grey, lavender, pastel pink, pastel green, and beige. If you like to experiment a bit, you can even go for darker pastel colors. It is really up to your taste. Some people prefer their bedroom to be dark so that it is instantly sleep-inducing or even to bring out bedroom wall painting.

3. Expressive Colors

Till now, we have been focusing on bedroom paint that are more towards the relaxing side, which are rather soft on eyes. However, another interesting way to paint your bedroom would be by adding expressive colors to it, after all, while you end your day in the bedroom, you also, begin your day inside a bedroom. It is always a great choice to add bright colors to your bedroom, straight from nature such as sunny yellow leaf green, lilac-pink, rainbow shades, etc. However, instead of painting every wall with a bright color, we would suggest that you paint it either on alternate walls, behind the bed or go different colors on different walls, otherwise the room tends to look smaller and stuffy.

Add more fun and color to your life by painting your home with Indigo Paints. We at Indigo Paints understand that choosing just the perfect color for your bedroom can be a little difficult. Leave it to the experts. Along with the best quality wall paints we provide the perfect bedroom color ideas. Contact us at Indigo Paints today!

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