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Tips and Tricks to Match the Colour of Your House Wall

Tips and Tricks to Match the Colour of Your House Wall

A lot goes into interior designing. The choices that need to be made range from picking the right sets of furniture to choosing the right Interior Wall Colours that suit the different spaces. Each aspect plays a vital role in making a house look beautiful. Here we shall specifically discuss the right colours for the walls in your home and the tricks that can be applied to match the current House Wall Colours.

Walls painted in just the right colours offer a glimpse into the tastes and choices of the home owners. Hence, choosing the right Interior Wall Colour Combination isn’t child’s play. Instead, it is something that requires serious thought. To help you make the right decision, here are some essential tips and tricks:

For Natural Tones

Natural tones such as brown, cream, beige and off-white generally complement each other well. They make for the perfect wall colour combination, giving any home a subtle and refreshing environment. Some combinations to consider include:

Brown and Cream: A pretty chic combination Of wall colours for home, brown with cream offers an offbeat, elegant look. The tones allow addition of other natural items, such as jute pots, plants, wooden furniture, and much more. Each of these elements match and highlight the walls perfectly.

Brown & Cream Paint Shades for Home Interiors



Off-white and Beige: While these shades may sound dull, their combination lends a touch of elegance. One can match them with white curtains that allow fresh air to breeze through homes. We suggest adding pretty planters, vases,and furniture, for an overall stunning space all around.


For Bold Tones

Many of us prefer wall colour shades that immediately grab attention through their bold, deep tones. Some such colours include red, blue, purple, green, burgundy and orange.

Off White & Beige Paint Shades for Home Interiors

Red and Royal Blue: One of the home wall colour combinations that oozes royalty is red and royal blue. When blended correctly on walls and paired with the right vintage and regal home decor items, this combination brings out a unique shine and brightness.

Red & Royal Blue Paint Shades for Home Interiors



Purple and Orange: Another bold Wall Colour combination is purple and orange. This combination matches perfectly with bold shades of curtains such as royal blue and red and classy home décor items.

For Refreshing Tones

Refreshing tones such as pink, blue, lavender, pale yellow, sage green and aqua, go perfectly well with bold lines of whites around the corner or the edges.

Lavender and White: Known as a pretty hue and for its elegance, lavender goes perfectly well with white. It is one of the most loved wall colour ideas in modern homes. It also matches a variety of home décor options, ranging from modern to vintage.

Pale Yellow and Sage Green: These two very different shades when put together form a magical breathtaking result. One can also add whites around the door linings and windows or the edges to make a bold,yet refreshing statement.


Pale Yellow & Sage Green Paint Shades for Home Interiors

The colours that one chooses to adorn the walls of their home with, reflects their tastes, as well as their likes and dislikes. Many people opt for dark tones and colours for their walls while adding furniture and accessories in natural shades. In recent times, many people have also begun adding indoor house plants to their homes and living spaces. This helps lend an overall stunning look of their interiors. There are still others who opt for aesthetics involving modern furniture, art and more.

At the end of the day, what matters is how much we like a colour or certain colours and how we choose to mix and match them to give our homes a stunning, eye-catching look. Indigo Paints strongly recommends opting for the perfect wall colour combination to not ensure that your home is a trendy space, but also unique in its own way. The choice of the ideal wall colour paint combination is also determined by the region of the settlement. Our experts are ever ready to help with this, and the best possible options available.

At Indigo Paints, we love to learn, match and introduce stunning and unique colour combinations for walls that make homes look pretty. We also offer a wide range of tips and tricks to match every taste and keep a house looking beautiful at all times. Check out for more such interesting pieces for the interior and exterior walls of your homes and for style and design inspiration to make your living spaces a work of art.

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