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How to take care of house walls during monsoon season

How to take care of house walls during monsoon season


Paint Protection for the Monsoon

How ready is your home to deal with the heavy rain followed by dampness this monsoon season? While the monsoon season can offer you a sigh of relief from the scorching heat of the sun, it can also take a toll on your property. They damage the walls and the pretty Home Wall Colour Combination that you include after much planning. Hence, it is always an advantage to take some essential measures such as dirtproof and Paint Protection before the monsoon season arrives as a precaution for the safety of your property.

The first and foremost step to take is to get Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Paint done.

This acts as lamination for the exteriors of your home, offering protection from both water and dirt as well as the House Wall Painting Colour in the interior. It is a technology based on flexible Acrylic emulsion that is fortified with silicone polymers in order to offer high UV resistance as well as protection from algae and water repellence that takes place during the rainy season.

Once you complete this major precaution to safeguard your home during the monsoon season, move on to check the other necessary sections:

1. Track and examine the source: This is crucial and should be the immediate step taken after the first heavy rains. You can easily find changes in the House Wall Paint of the different rooms in case they are affected. There will be flakes on the Home Wall Paint Colour along with a few white mineral deposits.

2. Maintain ventilation: It is important that your house is well ventilated at all times. Open the windows and doors of your house as and when possible for cross ventilation. This process helps extract moist air which helps in preventing condensation formation. To avoid flies and mosquitoes from entering, you can install nets.

3. Add humidity absorbing plants: Adding plants to every space only brings positive results. And this is the same case during the monsoon season too. Plants do their share of offering benefits to human life and some plants do the same even during monsoon by removing moisture from the air. A few of these plants include peace lily, areca palm, Boston ferns, spider plant and English ivy. They also go perfectly well as home décor options with various pretty House Wall Painting Colours.

Exterior House Wall Painting Colours


4. Keep rooftop dry: Ensure a good rooftop drainage system wherein no water is accumulated during the rains. Deposition of water tends to weaken the ceilings which causes dampness and the formation of flakes on the walls and Home Wall Colour. Additionally, clogging and water accumulation may also increase the chances of short circuits.

5. Check for gaps: If you find the water coming inside your house from closed doors and windows, there are chances of gaps or cracks forming in the masonry work. It can also be from between the window frames which will slowly start to degrade the Wall Paint quality along with the wall. Fill the gaps immediately with waterproof wall putty to restrict rainwater and protect your house.

6. Maintain your furniture: It is easy for furniture sets, especially wooden furniture, to accumulate moisture and develop moulds on them. Now, keeping them in the sun isn’t possible during this monsoon and washing them will only worsen the situation. Hence, clean the wooden furniture daily with a dry cloth. You can also place a cotton bag with rice or salt in it. These pouches will absorb the water, leaving your furniture safe.

7. Distance from wall: Always ensure that you maintain a safe distance of the furniture, home décor and other such items from the walls. This will help the items to avoid moisture from getting transferred from the affected walls, keeping them safe.

8. Avoid using carpets and rugs: Due to the fabric used in these materials, they easily absorb moisture during the monsoon season, affecting the floors below. Hence, avoid using them overall or switch to more nature-friendly options such as plastic or bamboo carpets.

9. Install shades over balconies and windows: Installing shades will help the monsoon rain from not reaching the windows and balconies which can hamper the walls as well as the floor.

10. Check for external wires: Last but not the least, be careful and alert to check for exposed or loose wires in the open areas around your house. Accidents and shocks from such exposed wires in common during the season and can be fatal at times.

At Indigo Paints, we are dedicated to introducing you with a wide range of tips and tricks that prove helpful to keep your home safe, pretty and vibrant. From bringing you stunning Wall Paint Colour options to helping you learn how to maintain them, we have them all. Check out for more such interesting pieces for the interior and exterior walls of your homes.

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