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What is wall putty & how to make best use of it?

What is wall putty & how to make best use of it?

Overview of Wall Putty

Getting a flawless paint finish is made easy with wall putty. It creates a strong foundation for the paint by providing an even and smooth surface to colour over. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or are planning to repaint your rooms, it will ensure that your new paint lasts longer to give out the first-day appearance throughout the year.

Strictly speaking, wall putty is a fine powder made of white cement which is mixed with water & other additives to create a solution that is applied to the wall. If you apply the solution properly, it fills the cracks, imperfections, and gaps in the wall to create an even base for your paint. The smooth mixture of wall putty and water fits perfectly over any type of wall to create a flawless surface in the interior or exterior of your house.

Generally, professional painters apply two coats of Indigo wall putty before painting any surface. The first coat fills in the imperfections and the second coat ensures that the coated surface and the wall are in one line with each other. You can use the putty over dry walls. They can also be applied conveniently over plastered walls as they are applied over concrete walls. Their versatility makes them the best choice for painting any types of walls.

Types of Wall Putty

Quality of a wall is a clear reflection of your status in society. Good wall paint can either make or break your impression in front of your guests. Thus, it is important to understand the options available in the market before investing your money in it. Take a good look at your room and get one of the best wall putty types of your requirements.

The wall putty types in India are distinguished based on their compositions.

● White Cement Based Wall Putty

White Cement Based Wall Putty

A white cement based wall putty is famously used for interior and exterior walls. It is made using special additives and fillers to multitask as a putty, sealer, and filler over plaster or concrete walls. White cement, minerals, and polymers are mixed together to form a white cement based wall putty. They come in dry form and release no unpleasant odour as you apply them on the wall.

Indigo Polymer Putty Gold Series is made with the best re-dispersible polymers which provide exceptional adhesive strength to the putty to create a stronghold between the paint and your wall. They smoothen the roughest of the surfaces to give a smooth base for painting because every room deserves to look good. Due to its cement-form, the putty is water-resistant. You can apply it on wet surfaces as smoothly as on the dry ones.

● Acrylic Wall Putty

Acrylic Wall Putty

Out of the wall putty types, the Acrylic one does the job of bringing out the best features of your paint perfectly. Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty is made with the finest ingredients by the experienced professionals to bring a premium touch to your lifeless walls. It makes your paint look good and adds life to its durability with its strong adhesiveness. We have used special binders for making the wall putty to give you a strong grip on the surface of the wall.

An acrylic wall putty is a water-based wall putty solution that dries faster than the white cement-based putty and provides a matt finish. It gives a long lasting and extra smooth surface for the paint and leaves your house with a rich matt finish. The Indigo Acrylic Putty is made with exceptional whiteness and perfect consistency to make your emulsions appear richer and better.

How to Use Wall Putty – Steps

How to Use Wall Putty – Steps

1. If you’re planning to paint a new masonry surface, give it some time to cure before applying the wall putty paint. Experts recommend at least 6 months to cure the masonry surface before starting to work on it.

2. Clean the surface thoroughly before applying the primer or putty. Any unevenness or visible dust or algae could affect the quality of your paint. Remove the loose paint, grease, or dust on the surface of your wall by using good quality sandpaper.

3. If there is any growth of algae or fungus, remove it using a wire brush and water.

4. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the wall.

5. Now apply a coat of Indigo Water Thinnable Primer before applying the wall putty paint.

6. Allow it to dry for approximately 7 hours.

7. Now apply one of the Indigo wall putty types to fill the imperfections on the wall.

8. Let it dry for 4 to 6 hours before proceeding further.

9. Use the sandpaper  to smoothen the surface and wipe it with a soft towel.

10. Apply the final coat of primer.

11. After it has dried, sand the surface with different sandpaper. Now your surface is ready to paint.

Benefits of Using Wall Putty

● Wall putty paint gives a smoother finish to the wall.

● It effectively waterproofs the wall and retains moisture.

● It does not flake easily to damage your wall.

● You can use wall putty to increase the lifespan of your expensive paint.

● The paint is glued perfectly to the wall with the help of a wall putty colour.

Painting Tips

To get the desired results, you must know some important tips for the application of wall putty.

● Allow your primer to dry completely before applying the wall putty. For a flawless finish, you must allow your wall to get ready for the application of the wall putty colour.

● Check the surface of your wall for any imperfections. If there is a hole or a crack, use a screwdriver to remove the dirt from the gap and then fill the wall putty inside it for better results. Let the first coat dry properly before applying the next coat.

● After applying the second coat, allow the wall to dry overnight.

● Don’t forget to smoothen the surface with sandpaper before applying your final coat of primer.

● Check the Readymade Colour Combination ideas for your house.

Applying a good wall putty is vital for flawless walls. Using the right wall putty will benefit you for years to come. Select wisely and enjoy the beauty of your walls.


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