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What is red oxide metal primer?

What is red oxide metal primer?

Red oxide metal primer acts as a preparatory or protective coating that prevents rust formation on the ferrous metal surfaces exposed to humidity and air. Used for gates, railings, and outdoor equipment the primer is applied to the rusty surfaces before applying a topcoat.


Benefits of Red Oxide Metal Primer

● Serves as a binding medium for the paint coatings.

Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer can be applied over porous materials to smoothen the surface to achieve the best results when subsequent coats are applied.

● Its anti-corrosion properties eliminate the possibilities of rusty surfaces in ferrous metals.

Metal primer increases the durability of the paint, and increases the life of the material.

What Is Red Oxide Metal Primer

Uses of Red Oxide Primer

In general, red oxide primer is used on exterior and interior ferrous metal surfaces. The product features excellent opacity and adhesion properties. However, note that the metal primer is different from red oxide primer as it comes with anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Red oxide primer is formulated for ferrous metals containing iron elements. You may use a magnet for determining the metal type. Unlike nonferrous metals, ferrous metals have magnetic properties. This primer variety isn’t suitable for bituminous or asphalt surfaces as well.

How to Prepare the Surface Before Applying Red Oxide Metal Primer?

Before applying red oxide zinc chromate primer to the surface, make sure it is oil, grease, dust, and dirt free. The substrate should be super clean. It is best to clean the surface using a good quality degreasing solution. It will not only clear the surface but also prepares the metal component for paint over coating.

Scrape the flaking and loose materials using sandpaper, paint scraper, or wire brush. However, in some cases, grit blasting or flame cleaning may be needed to prepare the metal surface for primer coating.

Precautionary Measures to Ensure Safe Handling of Red Oxide Metal Primer

It is essential to ensure safe and standard working practices when using Red oxide primer to eliminate the possibilities of hazards or injury. Do not use Red oxide primer near any ignition source (like cigarettes or open flames) as the product is flammable.

Open the doors and windows of your work area when working with Indigo Paints metal primer (Gold Series). Choose a properly ventilated area for the job. Alternatively, you may work in an open space (outdoors). Don’t forget to put on a painter’s mask, protective clothing, safety gloves, and goggles to save yourself from the spray and inhaling the vapours.


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