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Double protection for exterior walls

Double protection for exterior walls

The beauty of the outer wall and the architectural finish of a building depends on good quality exterior paint. Besides adding aesthetic value, the paint must also protect against the two most dreaded villains: dirt and rain. Nowadays, we face extreme climatic changes throughout the year; what’s worse, there are sometimes drastic temperature changes in twenty four hours! This leads to expansion and contraction in the plaster work and brickwork, which further leads to hairline cracks in the walls of the building. Through these cracks, water enters the outer wall leading to dampness in the interiors.
There are waterproof exterior paints that form an elastic film-like coating. It is stretchable and can expand and contract as per changing temperatures. This property in the paint film does not let cracks develop even if there is a prolonged exposure to rain. However, since the elastic paint films are soft on the surface, dirt tends to stick to it. As a result, the outer walls of the building begin to look dark and unattractive.
Therefore, along with exterior waterproofing, paints must offer dirt resistance too. These dust and dirt -resistant paints form a tough and rigid film on the wall surface that do not let dust settle on it. Again, these hard paint films lack elasticity which when exposed to varied temperatures resulting in expansion and contraction of walls are likely to crack leading to water seepage. Hence, dirt resistance is as important as waterproofing while choosing paint for the walls of your dream home.
Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Laminate for Double Protection

Indigo Paints brings to you a unique paint: Indigo Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Laminate.

Product Description:

Indigo Dirtproof and Waterproof Exterior Laminate has been specifically formulated with revolutionary nanotechnology to impart a smooth and dirt-resistant finish that will keep the walls glowing for many more years. The formula consists of a flexible acrylic emulsion fortified with silicon polymer that gives it a high UV resistance with increased water repellence. It also provides a strong coating on those micro cracks preventing water seepage. UV-resistance, alkali resistance, powerful anti-algal and anti-fungal properties make it truly different from the other paint brands available in the market.

Application and Surface Preparation For Exterior Walls
Application details and surface preparation:

1. Mixing: Mix well before use; do not shake.

2. Tools: brush and roller.

3. Thinning: water
4. Thinning ratio: up to 40% by volume.
5. Surface drying time: 30 minutes.
6. Filling: Indigo Polymer Putty or Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty.
7. Application environment: temperature (10- 40 degrees) and humidity below 70%.
8. Cleaning: Clean the surface thoroughly of previous paint, dust and grease. Scrub vigorously with wire brush to remove algae, fungus and traces of moss especially from areas prone to water stagnation. Use Biowash to remove stubborn algae/ fungus stain.
9. Surface preparation: Seal cracks with a 1:3 mixture of cement and sand. Indigo Polymer Putty is ideal. For newly plastered walls, cure 3 months prior to paint.
10. Application: Apply two coats of Indigo Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Laminate, obtained by mixing 1 litre of paint with 400ml of water. For horizontal surfaces like ledges or sun-shades, three coats are recommended.
11. Safety features: non- flammable, no added lead, mercury or chromium compounds.


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