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3 Texture Design Combinations to Give a Classy Look to your House Walls

3 Texture Design Combinations to Give a Classy Look to your House Walls

Textures are excellent mediums to add sophistication and character to your walls. Although colour-phobic decorators may be hesitant to employ colour in their rooms, they may benefit from textures. Throws, rugs, and fabrics are only the beginning of textures. Natural materials such as marble and wood, as well as paints and wallpapers with apparent texture qualities, may instantly liven up an otherwise dreary area without taking up any more floor space.

Painting a wall with a texture paint pattern is intriguing because of its ease of application and sheer results. The sharp difference between flat walls and walls covered in actual or faux building materials make textured walls a must-have for any house. Furthermore, it provides space for a particular identity.

For your home’s walls, you may choose from several texture design possibilities. For example, stripes and geometric patterns may make a room seem more extensive and open. If you’re stuck on what to put on your walls, we say to employ a range of textures. These colour combinations may be highly effective in a living space. They’d look just as at home in a kid’s room as they would in a house.

Continue reading to discover how to give a classy look to your home walls with four distinct texture paints designs.

1. Wallpaper with optical illusions

Classy look Wall Paint

Incorporating printed wallpaper to create an optical illusion on your walls is a fantastic way to make your home stand out with the power of texture. In addition, your home will have a more exciting and attractive appearance due to the various patterns and colours.

Choosing a colour that suits your style and theme will improve the functionality of your wall treatment. It’s an excellent option for a child’s bedroom. It might also be used as a nursery motif. You may choose from some designs, including doodling.

To add a splash of colour to a space, use texture design for wall painting or doodle drawings that seem to be handwritten notes on the wall. Decorating with geometric and metallic motifs are also possible.

2. Make a statement with mirrors

three texture design combination Wall Paint

Statement mirrors give light and texture to any space. Using mirrors, you may create an eye-catching texture pattern on the walls of your house. These mirrored accents may be utilised to attract attention to a specific section of the room and reflect light. With the aid of mirrors, you may create a three-dimensional region in the room.

Make a statement with a one-of-a-kind mirror that complements the space’s motif. You may use mirrors on each side of the stairs, for instance, to reflect the surrounding environment and illuminate the area above it. An eye-catching gallery wall of mirrors will completely change the look of your home’s decor.

Furthermore, texture design for wall paintings using mirrors is an excellent method to highlight the texture of the room’s furnishings. They may also be used as an eye-catching centrepiece. Choose an eye-catching mirror, and that’s all there is to it.

3. Try a texture-effect paint

Texture Painted Wall Design

Adding a textured pattern to your home’s walls is the best way to make them stand out. For this finish, you require a special paint called the ‘Texture-Effect Paint.’ Consider using Indigo Metallic Paint for texture-effect to give your space a unique look. Nothing beats the ability to create your bespoke paint colours and patterns.

Simply follow the instructions on the package to correctly mix the texture paint. To be sure, test the colour on a flat surface or a piece of cardboard first. The finish makes it easy to add depth and character to your walls. This technique may hide wall seams and give them a seamless look.

Textured walls can instantly update a drab room and bring it into the present day. Once you’ve picked on one of the four wall texture paint ideas, you may use Indigo Paints to wow your relatives and acquaintances.

Whatever your style is, we’re sure to have something that fits your needs and will make a statement.

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