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How do I prepare the exterior of my house for painting

How do I prepare the exterior of my house for painting

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As with any painting task, the interiors, or the exterior of the house; the key to its successful completion lies in its initial stage; its preparation. There are several processes that form an important part of this success. Here are some of them. Painting a house requires one to be ready with a list of things before the initial process. Like in any task; begin your chore by examining the exteriors of your house. Check everything, the doors, windows, split shingles, peeling plaster, rusted nails, and other rust stains. Understand that the key to a successful paint job is to make a note of all that is existent, before the purchase of all the necessary paraphernalia for painting.


Make sure you cover all areas that may get damaged in your process of scraping the old paint outside your house. These may include plants, other shrubs and possibly some décor you may have place at the entrance

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Make a list of the things needed before the actual painting process. To begin with, any paint job needs Scraping. Wire brushes and a wide-blade putty, should be good to get you started. In case you are hard-pressed for time and still want to do the exterior painting yourself, then you’ll need a few tools. The old paint would need to be scrubbed vigorously with a wire brush for removing algae, fungus and moss growth. This is especially needed on horizontal surfaces that are prone to water stagnation.


Once scraped, you’ll need to use a sand paper; possibly a roll to smoothen out all the scraping you have just completed. To save time you could wrap a piece of the sandpaper around a wood block so that it gives you a good grip to start the smoothening process. You could also use an electric orbital sander too, to save time and effort.


Two coats of Indigo Premium XT Exterior Emulsion after the pre-preparation can give you the desired results. Simply make sure that this is done by thinning 1 L of laminate with 400-500ml of water. The ideal look would be achieved after a recommended application of three coats of the emulsion.

Get the walls cleaned thoroughly before you begin. In case you aren’t very happy with plain water, you could also use TSP; which is trisodium phosphate; a powder when mixed with warm water can help your get the exteriors cleaned really well before starting the painting. Let the exteriors dry up really well before you paint the exteriors of your house with your choice of colours. You could choose some interesting choices like the Premium XT Exterior Paint to help you make that first impression.


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