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What kind of paint do you use on exterior walls?

What kind of paint do you use on exterior walls?

People form an opinion of your house even before they enter it. ‘But how?’ you’d ask. The exterior walls, also known as the ‘skin’ of your house – speak for themselves!

The exterior walls demand your attention, for they are the first and outermost layers of your humble abode and hence, that layer which is exposed directly to the outside world. The exterior walls are obligated to shine bright through all weather conditions – storms, rains or bright sunny days! While the shade of your exterior house paint can vary depending on your choice, it is the ‘type’ of exterior wall paint that you should be aware of to ensure that your house doesn’t only look good but also exudes excellent quality.

So, which exterior wall paint suits your abode?

1. Add some texture!

Textured paints make your walls rough and tough by concealing any blights that may be caused by the weather or with time. So, if you’re afraid that your exterior wall might befriend dents, cracks or disfigurements and wish to avoid that, then a textured sort of paint might be a great option to go with.

Exterior Wall Paints

2. Smooth as Silk

If your dream is to run your fingers smooth on the walls of your home, then forget about the textured paints. Smooth wall colours give your walls an excellent finish and might be best suited for your home’s façade. And worry not, even smooth paints will be effective in veiling small defects though not as well as textured paints! The only prerequisite to using smooth paints for your exterior wall paint, is to have a smooth surface for applying them.

3. Oil Based Exterior Wall Paints

If you have an uneven exterior wall surface, then you might find it cumbersome to apply smooth paints. But if you still wish to go for a silky-smooth overall look of the walls, then we bring you a way to trail that path too! Exploring ‘oil paints’ might be a good idea for exterior wall paints, owing to their durability and water-resistant qualities. They are known for giving an excellent finish and an eye-appealing gloss to the walls.

Pro Tip!

You can be creative with choosing the type of exterior paints. After all, it is your home! So, you can go for a combination of the types we mentioned here. For example, choose smooth paints for the façade or front exterior walls and go for the textured variants for the other three faces. This would create a balance and make your home look great while being sturdy!


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