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What is exterior wall primer?

What is exterior wall primer?

Beautiful outside, beautiful inside.

This should be your motto while taking care of your house. It’s not the interior only that matters, but also the outside. The exterior of your house is equally important and should not be overlooked and neglected.

It is the beauty of the outside that will compel guests, friends, and family to visit the inside of your home and make them feel welcomed. The outer walls will create the first impression on anyone visiting your home. If the exterior walls look dirty, cracked, and dejected, no matter how visually enticing the interiors of your house are, it will fail to impress the people visiting. The only thing that they will remember is why you didn’t take enough care of the outside as you did with the interiors of the house.

The overall ambience of your home is set when both the exterior and interior of your home is in tandem and looks equally beautiful. A vital step to achieve this goal is to apply an exterior wall primer.

● What is an Exterior Wall Primer?

Exterior Wall Primer

An exterior wall primer provides for better adhesion for the emulsion on the walls. It helps the coats of paint stick better to the walls. Exterior wall primers ensure that the walls of your home look perfect before you go down to paint your house. Exterior cement primer breathes in life into the paint. It brings out the actual hue of the colour, helping it last long despite facing the challenges of weather. Here are some of the benefits of applying exterior wall primers:

  • Exterior cement primers provide better adhesion for the wall for the paints to stick to.
  • Any exterior cement primers seal pores found on the surface of wood or drywall.
  • Primers can cover imperfections on the wall if the area has been repaired or patched.
  • Exterior wall primers help in blocking out odours or stains that develop on the walls.
  • With time primers allow the wall paint to go back to neutral so that when a repainting job is done, the new colour shines brightly without any imperfections.
  • It takes fewer coats of paint to apply on the wall covered with exterior wall primers.

When you opt for Indigo Paints exterior wall primer, you not only pave the way for the walls to look more beautiful but also save a significant amount of money and time. Primers cost cheaper than paints, and it takes fewer coats of paint to cover a primer applied wall. Indigo Paints exterior cement primers block moistures, and alkali buildup on the walls, offers high opacity and whiteness, and requires only one or two coats of paint to bring out the exact colour.

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