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7 Trendy Ceiling Paint Combinations For Your Home

7 Trendy Ceiling Paint Combinations For Your Home

Painting a house can turn out to be expensive. We are often confused after knowing we cannot use the same paint for the ceiling and the interior and exterior walls. So, one might wonder how different can these paints be and if we can use the wall paint for the ceiling because it makes up only one-sixth of the room.

Difference between ceiling paint and regular interior paint

Logically, we can use wall paint to paint the ceiling, but it might not give the desired results. Ceiling paint tends to have a higher viscosity than wall paint. In other words, it is thicker. Ceiling paint has to be thick so that it does not drip and splatter all over the room. Higher viscosity also gives a smooth and even finish by lending more opacity with one coat. It is why ceiling paint covers stains and discoloured patches quickly.
It has high durability, as it does not crack or peel, thus also making it pocket-friendly. The formulation of ceiling paint is such that it does not stain easily from smoke and vapours and resists the build-up of mildew.

Now we know why we need different paints for walls and ceilings. However, what about ceiling paint colours?

We tend to pay a lot of attention to our wall paints while, unfortunately, the ceiling gets a standard coat of white paint. While white is the safest choice for ceiling paint, we should explore beyond the ordinary to add more life to the room. Generally speaking, a light-coloured ceiling adds more space to the room, while a darker ceiling gives a cosy and intimate feel to it. We advise you to look at the undertones of the colours as well – a warm-toned white is quite different from a cool-toned white and can make a world of difference. Check out these ceiling paint ideas for more inspiration.

  1. A classic white ceilingLooking for a neat, simple look? We suggest painting your ceiling white. It makes the room appear larger and diverts attention to the walls and furniture. A white ceiling is highly reflective; thus, it is perfect for rooms with less natural light. Pair it up with bold walls to strike just the right balance.Paint Colours for Ceiling
  2. Contrasting coloursA smart way to spice up any room is to use a contrasting colour on the ceiling, which can dramatically change the room’s vibe. If the walls are light-coloured, use an impactful colour such as teal on the ceiling to make a statement. Similarly, use a lighter colour with dark walls to make the room look larger. Light Coloured Paint Colours for Walls
  3. Matching walls and ceilingIf we have a room with an oddly shaped ceiling, applying the same colour to the walls and ceiling can give a uniform appearance. Although this can make the room appear smaller, it will lend a soothing effect on the brighter side. To break the monotonous effect, accentuate with bright and patterned furniture or drapery in the room.
  4. A ceiling that adds a pop of colourThis combination would make any kitchen look visually attractive. For example, if the walls and cabinets of the kitchen are white, you can make sure that the ceiling colour is bright yellow. It is unconventional yet aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Go dramatic with blackWant to add an air of mystery and drama to your room? Look no further than black. A rich colour such as black is the perfect backdrop for any other colour. Experiment with different undertones of black to add depth to the ceiling. It can look perfect in a room with reflective or metallic surfaces.Black Paint Shades for Ceiling
  6. Add softness with powder blue or pinkWant the room to give a calming effect, but hate the idea of a white ceiling? In that case, we recommend using soft powdery pink or blue. Powder blue, especially, resembles the colour of the sky and makes the room look bigger.
  7. A beige ceiling for warmthLike the sand, a ceiling painted golden beige radiates warmth and calm. It will go well with mellow sage green walls. Though the colour combination is subtle, it will make any space look elegant and soothing.Beige Paint Shades

To select the perfect paint for your ceiling, please check out Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat at your nearest dealer. It has a unique matte finish that can brighten up any room. Its vibrant hues can liven up any space by making it look large and airy. The formulation hides all imperfections seamlessly, and its high washability makes it easy to clean. There can be no better paint for your walls than Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat.

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