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Paint ideas to refresh your space

Paint ideas to refresh your space

Decoding colour

There is something magical about colours. They can elevate your mood or make you anxious. For centuries, artists have relied on colour schemes while crafting their creations. Archeological research states that artists as early as about 40,000 years ago used a combination of materials to arrive at the desired hue. Some believe that the paint they used was a unique blend of animal fat, soil and burnt charcoal for achieving the perfect shade.

Some colours have strong associations. For example, blue and purple have almost always cast a royal spell. Research states that Queen Elizabeth I had made it a rule that only members of the royal family were allowed to wear purple. Purple, according to her, stood for elegance, wealth, royalty and power. She was so obsessed with the colour that the dye for purple specially travelled from the trading city of Tyre, now a part of Lebanon, to London, for a peculiar shade of purple.

Thankfully, times have changed. We can now easily choose any colour for practically any purpose: that, of course, includes colours for homes. While there are a lot of styles that provide a refreshing look, here are some ideas to get you started:

Dark and suttle combination

Write it out


Deciding to colour your house can be cumbersome, especially if you have only a vague idea about what you need on the walls. A lot of companies lure people to opt for certain shades that turn disastrous. A good idea to get started would be to write out your requirements. While every member of the house is entitled to their opinion, it’s best to begin writing out your paint requirements, budgets, a few financial buffers, the time taken and finally the colour. 

Dark or light

While discussing colours, people often go by their moods. The imaginative mind peers into the mood scale and many would either agree on a darker shade because it makes the house look lively, or choose a pastel shade as it looks classy!

It’s best to run with a neutral shade instead. The argument: well, you can change the upholstery, pillows or even the rugs fairly easily, but not the wall colour. A neutral shade balances the pop of colour that you may wish to introduce through accessories like curtains, mismatched pillows, dreamy chandeliers, couches, art pieces and so on.​

Trending Bedroom Idea

Bedrooms are meant to be comfortable, roomy and peaceful. Cluttering it with a lot of accessories or making it look like a picture from a home guide would not be advisable. Most psychologists state that colours have negative and positive effects on the human psyche.

Grey, for example, can be very soothing for a bedroom. A lighter shade matched with whites and some hints of black can be a very calming experience. A lot of people prefer a lighter colour palette; some stick to the traditional off white while the others prefer to keep it ivory or pristine white. While white is a good idea, it’s a tough colour to maintain. It would be roomy if Hints of copper can create a roomy effect; metallic grey blended with a calm shade of blue probably in botches on the ceiling can build a celestial feel.

A lot of interior decor experts opine that the other furniture and pieces of artistic memorabilia can help make the look of your bedroom unique. Orange and tangerine shades can get overwhelming and a lighter shade of blue can bring in a sense of calm. While yellow is ideal for students whose study rooms need to look cheerful, bedrooms can be given a newer shade of pearl white or oyster beige. Remember the thumb rule: the lighter the shade the greater the opulence.


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