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Room colours that redefine home furniture

Room colours that redefine home furniture

The home furniture comprises the various items which could either make or break the entire look of your house. The colour combination for room paint colours does a dual job of highlighting the best features of your living spaces while filling your house with warmth. When chosen right, the room colours could also act as a catalyst in accentuating your home furniture. We surely do not want our furniture to stand out as sore objects to look at and, thus, blending comes in handy here. Indigo Paints is here to help you resolve these dilemmas and choose the best colours for rooms keeping in mind the furniture.

Choosing the right colours, especially for the family rooms, could seem difficult for many individuals. Family rooms are one of the many rooms in your home which receive everyone’s attention, for they are community spaces where you interact with your dear ones and host your friends.

A great way to jazz up a beautiful family room would be to go for colourful hues, like orange and blue, for your sitting room colour combination. Also, give a thought to the combination of mild grey, golden highlights and vivid peacock green, which would help you drive a bland and simplistic room towards something stylish and elegant. These colour choices would also provide for a unique blend of family room wall colours exclusive to your house. An even more exciting way to incorporate this arrangement is to build a wall art with hues of black, silver and green, or add indulgent furniture pieces bringing these combinations together.

Matching the furniture with the room walls is another tricky task many house owners face. So, here, we address some of the most asked questions:

How do I choose the furniture for my living room?

Furniture for my living room

Considering the lounge room colour ideas, start with a hue that inspires you and your visitors every time they walk into the room. The paint colour combination of black and powder blue along with white is a classic for any living room. To match this, choose the furniture of a similar shade, which does not stand out from the background. One may also add blue hues into the living room furniture items by including a few comforters, cushions, and textile materials of the furniture tapestry.

What furniture never goes out of style?

Redefine Home Furniture

The answer depends on the room design colour that you have opted for. That said, classic furniture items, like a majestic six-seater sofa set, a couch, a rosewood centre table and even a rocking chair, are some of the pieces which could adorn your house without ever going out of style. In view of the master bedroom colour options, bright colours, like whites, lime green, and caramel, are also common for a legitimate reason that they can make every area look larger and clearer. If you’ve been looking for a translucent decor, let your home rooms stand out by incorporating ruby accessories to only the gallery area. Incorporate crimson highlights in the accessories, such as sheets, console tables, cushions and textile products used in the furniture.

How can I match my bedroom colour?

It is simple; keep the colour scheme of your bedroom basic while remaining classy. This is because once you go out looking for the matching furniture, you will not have to struggle while finding too many colour options in the already limited hues available in items of furniture. An option to improve your apartment’s setting is to adhere to the woodsy colours of your master bedroom colour palette. Burnt yellow and golden hues produce perfect master bedroom colours that embody a sense of joy and happiness. However, try to ensure you’re not jumping the gun. A white interior with gold-trim furniture will also make for a perfectly comfortable, pleasant and welcoming room.

Blueberry green and purple end up making for the perfect lounge room colours to create a relaxed, peaceful and welcoming family room environment. Such pastel shades seem new and exemplify a friendly and warm atmosphere in every house. There have been a variety of ways to integrate these lounge room colours into your home. Begin with a pastel canvas of lime green on the walls and accessorize the room with subdued pink objects, including furniture items, rugs and drapes. Green and yellow may have been the most common family room colours of the present; yet, these vibrant combinations help develop a fun environment in your family room. Combine specific beautiful highlights in plum and coral pink blends to give life to a dark and bland environment. For a lighter theme, pick a green contrasting with a pomegranate hue instead of just a royal blue tint.

If you need any further help, you can reach out to Indigo Paints’ online portal for a well-defined, customized layout of colours per your furniture.


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