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Things to know if you are designing your house walls for the first time

Things to know if you are designing your house walls for the first time

Are you planning to build a new home or renovate the existing one? Well, you must consider taking up a unique style for the walls this time. House walls play a vital role in keeping its residents safe and effortlessly highlights their home’s interior-design taste as well.

Walls enhance the overall look of homes, and a striking wall design colour acts as a great spot to grab guests’ attention. Moreover, owning pretty and elegant walls maximizes the chances of attracting potential buyers for the future (and if necessary).

Be it your living room where you spend most of your hours alone, or with guests, your bedroom where you attend to your private moments, or the kitchen that invites you for aromatic dishes, each space deserves the best walls. At Indigo, we come with an assortment of colours to understand every individual’s unique taste and perspective. You can pick any of our wall paints and add glamour to your home’s different spaces effortlessly.

Additionally, you can apply some of these interesting tips for your wall paint design and decoration, especially if this is the first time that you are designing them.

1. Research on Combinations: Unlike before, where either a single shade was used for all the walls or each wall was painted in different shades, room wall paint design combinations are in trend today. Based on the size and design of the different rooms, you can choose a variety. For example, you may go for turquoise with a hint of white; combine peach with ivory, or create a lovely vibe with the blue and yellow combination.

Research on Combinations

2. Do Not Over-Crowd: Many people believe that the more the elements, the better the appearance. It may be true for certain areas, but not with walls! Go for minimal elements and those that you are sure will attract the eyes. Allow the walls to breathe while carrying sufficient amounts of elements to contribute to your home décor. Your choice of wall design colour also plays a crucial role in ensuring to receive the ideal result.

Do Not Over-Crowd

3. Don’t Panic to Experiment: This may be your first time designing your house walls, but that does not mean you shouldn’t experiment. While you are free to bring your creative side ahead, Indigo also offers excellent services to help you do the perfect experiments. For instance, if you are unsure about incorporating bright colours into your wall paint design, we will be happy to help you overcome the challenges and guide you in receiving the best.

Don't Panic to Experiment

4. Do not Hesitate for opinions: As exciting as it is to try something new, it can also be challenging. It may make you hesitant about every unique design you come across, resulting in you making peace with the old and boring room wall paint design. Hence, it is highly recommended to take the opinions of others, especially professionals. Their experience in the industry will allow you to receive answers to your queries and, after that, enjoy breathtaking results.

5. Match or Contrast Everything Carefully: So, if you have designer lighting equipment on the walls or a precious piece of art that needs to be highlighted, ensure you match the wall colour accordingly. For instance, if you have golden light stands on the walls, you may want to go for wall paint design shades of pastel or elegance. On the other hand, if you have furniture sets of light shades like beige or cream, a dark wall colour will highlight them effortlessly.

Match or Contrast Everything Carefully

In addition to these simple tips, you should also add important props to beautify your home. One of the many is adding plants. Everything looks better when Mother Nature surrounds herself into spaces, both closed and open. You can invest in a wide selection of beautiful indoor plants and gorgeous pots that would go perfectly well with your house’s home design room colours. Set them up in corners, sides of furniture with the wall as a backdrop, or in a huge block, your choice. Additionally, you will also come across pretty hanging plant options with pots that go perfectly well as center-wall design.

Now, before painting or repainting your home walls, ensure you also apply wall putty before the process. Reason? Wall putty works wonders to give a perfect finish to the walls. Whether there are small holes or cracks or maybe a damaged portion, wall putty will hide them all. You can choose between acrylic wall putty and cement-based wall putty, based on the suggestion of an expert. Once this is applied, you can pick your choice of colour to paint the walls.

At Indigo Paints, we are dedicated to offering the best quality solutions to make your home wall colour solutions easy. To learn more, visit our website


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