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Jazz Up Your Bedroom With Pink Walls

Jazz Up Your Bedroom With Pink Walls

Pink is soft; pink is calm. It has the power to brighten up a dull room. A pink colour combination can also make a small room look spacious or cosy up a bigger room, and you just have to play right with the hues.

Most people believe that pink is feminine and should be used only for a girl’s room. That’s not true. Times have changed, and interiors have evolved. We often get to see pink wall colour combinations inside lit cafés or as a base for massive graffiti on the streets. The shades of pink can be seen any and everywhere we look around nowadays.

Let’s check out these contemporary ways to vivify pink wall colour combinations in your bedroom.

Dash of Whites & Pinks

A young girl bedroom wall paint

The human eye seeks balance in everything. We tend to look for something soothing after getting exposed to too much brightness. We love sunny days after surviving freezing days. Similarly, to balance out a hue of pink, something in white is desired.

You can think of placing a white chest of drawers in front of your pink wall. Likewise, hanging a few paintings with wide-white frames does wonders to your bedroom. If you have a hallway that leads to your bedroom in pink, nothing will look better than small, white earthen pots with snake plants. You can also keep a white armchair and hang a reading lamp around to create a little reading corner that will be a favourite spot.

Adding whites to any corner in your home adds a breath of freshness and gives a calming effect. If it is coupled with pink, the bedroom turns magical!

Adding Glam with Mirrors

Jazz up modern Pink Living room

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the pinkest of all? Usually used for grooming purposes, mirrors can be utilised beyond their practical use. They work great as decor pieces in living spaces by reflecting what’s on the other side. In addition, mirrors create an illusion of space, making smaller rooms appear more prominent. Moreover, who doesn’t like to look at themselves in the mirror and appreciate their good looks!

Placing a vast, full-length mirror on your pink wall will act as a dynamic piece of art. Looking at it from different angles adds an exciting twist to your bedroom interiors. Using it strategically can help you exploit its potential to maximise space in a tiny bedroom. You can also create a playful space by placing multiple mirrors on the opposite side of your bed to reflect the pretty pink wall.

New Favourite Pink Wall Colour Combinations

Pink wall bedroom

If you’re painting your home and looking for a pink colour combination for wall for your bedroom, you have landed at the right place! Softer shades of pink with light shades of grey look great on bedroom walls. Not only do they add freshness to your room, but they also make it look elegant. The freshness of pink and tranquillity of grey is one of the most preferred pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls.

Lighter shades of pink go exceptionally well with pastel hues of green, blue, and yellow. If you’re preparing a bedroom for your tiny tot, make sure you opt for interior emulsion that will help you scrub off the crayon marks on the walls!

Rustic Looks Royal in Pink

You must have seen rustic bedrooms, usually with white, grey or black walls. Imagine a rustic bedroom with pink colour combination walls. Sounds interesting, right?

Paint the main wall of your bedroom with a pastel pink shade, and place a wooden bed made up of a lighter shade of brown or shades of maple. Accentuate the look of your rustic pink bedroom with some mellow lights by hanging pendant lamps overhead or keeping a table lamp on the side. Adding a shade of pink to your rustic bedroom will give it an edge.

Insta-worthy Pink Bedroom

Pink kid Bedroom

Give that little shutterbug inside you a thousand plus reasons to flaunt your bedroom in pink! Furniture, lighting, furnishings, and other accessories are the soul of any space. Together they make your room look complete and homely.

On the wall behind your bed, you can make a collage of beautiful pictures in black & white, using different photo frames. If you’re not a fan of images, you can simply hang a metal decor piece in tons of gold and silver to give a bit of a glitzy look to your room.

The furnishing adds life to a bedroom, and that’s why it is essential to choose the suitable fabric that feels comfortable and appropriate colours to enhance the look of your pink wall colour combination.

To sum up, go for the decor pieces that help you enhance your pink colour combination and add to the look and feel of your bedroom. Connect with our experts today to get more ideas on decorating your humble abode!

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