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What is the Best Colour for Bedroom Walls?

What is the Best Colour for Bedroom Walls?

India is a land of diverse cultures and customs where people’s language, cuisine, and preferences change from state to state and city to city. However, one thing that remains unchanged is the choice of room colour. There are a few calming colours and their combinations conventionally and ardently preferred by people all over the country.

Your room’s colour choice reflects your personality and has a considerable amount of impact on your mind. However, choosing from among the countless stunning shades while getting your choice of room colour combination can be a tricky task. Read on to get the best colour ideas and revive your personal space with these captivating yet soothing colours.

Let’s look at some of the best colour combination for bedroom walls –

● Blue and white – The most admired two colour combinations for bedroom walls are royal blue and tranquil white. Blue with white is the perfect recipe for a cosy environment. These soothing colours not only beautify the room but also have a calming effect on our minds.

Blue & White Wall paint ideas

● Shades of brown – A darker shade of brown provides a deep sense of earthiness, while lighter shades make the room stylish. The darker shade of brown on the wall just behind the bed offers a perfect look to the walls while the lighter shades impart an urban makeover to the bedroom.

Shades Of Brown Colour For Bedroom Walls

● Shades of green – The naturally brightening effect of green makes the walls lustrous. There are many shades of green to choose from, like light green, military green, dark green, etc. Keep the floor neutral with this wall colour combination and exude a positive vibe.

Shades Of Green Colour For Bedroom Walls

● Light blue and yellow – Combine the serenity of blue with a radiant yellow and discover the magic of this classic fusion. These lively colours will provide a modern look to the room while keeping the room elegantly alluring. However, it’s essential to paint the colours in the right places and not go overboard. Yellow is the colour of joy that provides cheerful vibes, while blue keeps the room calm. Mingle them to get the ideal environment for your bedroom.

● Shades of gray – Renovate your bedroom with staggering shades of gray that go well with almost any room decor. If you want to play safe, then shades of gray will not disappoint. A dark gray adds depth and sophistication to space, while lighter shades of gray provide an amazing calm aura.

Shades Of Gray Colour For Bedroom Walls

● Beige with burgundy – This two colour combination for bedroom walls will modernize the space while keeping it cool and subtle. Match them with beige colour furniture with light wood flooring and liven up your room with these extraordinary room colour combinations. Burgundy pairs well with other colours such as shades of gray, radiant yellow, turquoise. Consider them as well and revamp the room to get a fresh yet stylish makeover.

Apart from the above colour combinations, other colours can match well with your favorite colours. At Indigo paints, explore the ready-made colour combinations like gray and blue, deep purple with brown, cream, and maroon, and other vibrant colours to paint the walls in shades of joy. You may also customize colours and combine them with the colour of your choice. So you can uncompromisingly get the colour of your choice with the quality of the paint that ultimately decides the walls’ fate.

You can consider single shade colours for the bold look. Here are some of the best colours for bedroom walls to glamorize your bedroom space –

● Military green – This intense colour will provide a classic feel to the room without overpowering.

● Baby pink – Soft and subtle, this colour remains trendy as it provides a peaceful environment to any room.

● Shades of blue – Ice blue or sky blue, sea blue or light blue, whatever you choose, blue will always soothe and enrich the room with its distinctive colour properties.

● Gray – If the furniture in the bedroom is dark and you want a wall colour that complements it, then light gray can be an ideal choice.

● Pistachio – Simple yet vibrant, this can be a perfect room colour that enhances the bedroom’s decor. You may combine it with white for that perfect look that enkindles the room’s atmosphere with tranquility.

Endnotes –

Give your walls the best shine ever and be surprised with the innovative paint options only at Indigo paints. Explore various superior quality products and recreate your home with the exhilarating colours that redefine your home’s interior and exterior. Think creative; think indigo paints. Learn more about the best quality wall colour solutions at


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