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Two-toned kitchen color ideas to boost your mood

Two-toned kitchen color ideas to boost your mood

Kitchens are among the most important rooms in any home; a classy, elegant kitchen goes a long way into infusing a sense of sophistication and happiness among the residents. Liven up your cooking space with a double dose of kitchen colors from Indigo paints! Whether you wish to make a bold statement or a subtle one, Indigo paints offers a myriad of shades to suit your palette. If you have a large cooking space, a single color might be a tad overpowering. Using a light and airy colour contrasted with a darker and more muted shade can give your kitchen an exquisite look.
Kitchens have two distinct zones that are to be painted – the cabinets and the walls. Indigo paints offers a separate range of colors for each; for cabinets, you can choose from the ‘sleek spectra’ selection, while for the walls, you can pick from a wide array of emulsions. A distinct look between the upper and lower cabinets can be created, with the upper ones painted in pastel shades of white, blue or cream and the lower ones in darker hues of green, gray or blue. Alternatively, you could go in for an Indigo paints pastel shade throughout the kitchen with a few areas coated a few shades deeper to break the uniformity. Indigo paints, a specialist in kitchen colors, scours the world of colors to list down a few die-for combinations to uplift and take your cooking experience to the next level!

Buttery yellow & coffee brown

This is an all-time favorite combination of shades, reflecting the ingredients used most frequently in our kitchens. As kitchens are one of the busiest workplaces, they benefit from calm hues. While the cabinets can be painted coffee brown, the walls can be coated with a golden buttery yellow, lending an air of serenity to the cooking area. Indigo paints have an array of combinations to suit your moods and preferences.


Blue with a splash of orange

Using complementary kitchen colors from Indigo pains with an equal exuberance can considerably cheer up a dreary space. Blue and gray add a dose of intensity to areas of hard work, with a vibrant shade of orange acting as the perfect partner-in-crime! Complete the look with a stainless-steel finish, and you have a winning team!


Cherry red and yellow

Bring sunshine to your kitchen with yellow and cream-hued cabinets and wake up to a cheerful and lively space. Pair it with cherry red kitchen tops and furniture to add a spark of fairytale magic and bring the child in you afore! Browse through our catalog of shades to find that magical combination of kitchen colors, and create a lovely ambiance to have a beautiful day to start with.


White with a dash of coffee

White cabinets and surfaces are a universal favorite as they look bright and sparkling clean! However, with a hint of coffee, they can look even better. Tempering classic white with warmer shades of coffee or ginger gives that much-needed spark, whether you have a big kitchen or a smaller one.


Enhance the warmth and glow of your cooking space with two-toned color hues, experiment with shades, and arrive at a unique partnership of kitchen colors which is a reflection of your family and you! If reading about so many scintillating kitchen color ideas has you excited, gear up and plan the kitchen of your dreams now! Revamp your kitchen with Indigo paints to take your cooking space to the next level with creativity and out-of-the-box color combinations to sway the world.


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