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Different Shades of Light House Paint Colour One Should Experiment in 2022

Different Shades of Light House Paint Colour One Should Experiment in 2022

House paint colours are a difficult decision; we truly get it. Dark and bright accent walls and colourful rooms have been in trend for a long time. But if you’re looking to experiment and don’t like dark and bright colours, you have come to the perfect place. In this post, we will discuss some soft and subtle light colours for house paint that are simple yet elegant and classy.

Incorporate these house colour ideas as inspirations and experiment with different light colour combinations to bring life to your home.

Living Room Light Colour Ideas

Light colours represent serenity and calmness. And living rooms benefit significantly from the light wall paint colours scheme because it makes the space appear larger. The Luxury Interior Emulsion from Indigo Paints would be perfect for the living room, as it gives a rich and luxurious feel to your home.

● Pastel Green

Pastel Green - Light House Paint Shades

Pastel green is one of the trendiest colours in 2022. Many people are experimenting with this colour. It gives a touch of nature to your home without being too dark. Pastel green is a very soothing colour to look at, and almost all kinds of furniture will go with it.

● Sky Blue

When picking a hue for the living room, you may use sky blue to start your design strategy. Sky blue is a cool colour, perfect for the living room you mainly use to chill and relax. Such a light colour will help you channel the relaxation and give the home a calm vibe.

● Beige


Beige - Light House Paint Shades

Beige is the go-to choice when designing home interiors. This hue is unmistakable in its evocation of the pureness of natural fabrics. A hallway painted beige is an excellent option for every minimalistic decor. Incorporating beige into your living room will help create a beautiful and classy look.

Bedroom Light Colour Ideas

Bedrooms are a place where you unwind and sleep. Light colours help one relax, as they are soothing to look at. So incorporating light colours is a natural choice for most people. Don’t forget to check out the Premium Interior Sheen Emulsion for bedrooms. This paint gives a slight shine to your walls and is perfect for making your bedroom cosy. No worries, if you like a matte finish too, here’s the bronze interior emulsion to give your paint a matte finish. But if you are bored of the usual colours like white, cream, light blue etc., here is some unique bedroom light colour ideas for you:

● Lilac

Lilac - Light House Paint Shades

There are several advantages to choosing lilac as a monochromatic wall paint in your bedrooms. Lilac is one of the trending colours in 2022, so many people are opting for it and rightfully so. Lilac is a perfect mix of simplicity and luxury, as the colour is soothing to look at and makes the room look elegant and luxurious. If you are looking to add dark coloured furniture to your room, lilac will blend very well with it.

● Peach

A peach hue is excellent for bedrooms. It is a beautiful warm shade, perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Warm colours generally help in giving a relaxed vibe to a space. The colour is also fun at the same time. So you can even use it for a kids’ room or a teenager’s room.

● Mint green

Mint Green - Light House Paint Shades

Colours like mint green are perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere in a bedroom. This colour shade is great for bedrooms because of its subtle liveliness without grabbing too much attention. Mint green also emulates freshness because of the natural shade. Add wooden furniture to make the room appear classy and rich.

Two-toned light colour ideas for your home

The two-colour combination for wall paint works for all rooms. It looks elegant and relaxing in subtle paint shades.

● Grey and lemon yellow

This master bedroom colour scheme can create a colourful and striking space. Both these colours are fun and exciting. They are rarely used, let alone together. So you can create a unique bedroom/living room design with these. Together, these colours will also make the room appear colourful and bright, without using any dark colours. If you like having accent walls but don’t want to use dark colours, this combination is perfect for you.

● Baby Pink and white

Baby Pink And White - Light House Paint Shades

The soft colours of pinks and whites as a light house paint have a long and illustrious history. These colours go well in all spaces, particularly bedrooms, as they create a comfy and cosy atmosphere.

● White and Pastel blue

If you’re painting your walls pastel blue, be sure to add a touch of white to keep the look fresh and clean. The addition of white to the light pastel blue adds more dimension to the room and makes the space appear open and inviting. This combination is perfect for living rooms guest bedrooms.


A dull space may be easily updated by using various colours for house paint. But you don’t always need loud or dark colours to stand out. Light colours are a great way to make an impact too.

Using Indigo Paints, upgrade your house this year with some refreshing light wall paint choices. We’ve got something for everyone, no matter what your preference is.

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