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How to use wall putty to make your walls look beautiful?

How to use wall putty to make your walls look beautiful?

Ever wondered where that smoothness comes from when you touch your home wall? The reason behind that finish and smoothness is wall putty.


What is wall putty?

Wall putty is a white cement made of white powder that contains minerals and top quality polymer. Wall putty can be used on rendered walls, precast walls, aerated light-weight blocks, concrete, etc. It can also be used on walls that are cracked or damaged or have small holes. Wall putty gives a perfect finish to the walls. It is typically done before the final colouring of walls.

There are two types of wall putty, namely acrylic wall putty and cement-based wall putty. Acrylic wall putty comes in the form of a paste, and you can directly apply it on the walls. These are basically for interior walls use. On the other hand, cement-based putty is available in powder form, which is mixed with water before applying. Currently, cement-based putty is widely used.

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How to apply wall putty?

Wall putty and acrylic wall putty provides a smooth and even surface which is required before painting a wall.

1. Wear gloves and masks before applying putty for safety purposes.

2. Before you apply wall putty, apply a layer of primer for smooth finishing. Let it dry for some time.

3. It’s best if you apply the wall putty twice. Leave it for 4 hours for drying before putting on the second layer. After the second layer is applied, let it dry overnight to get the desired result.

4. After successfully coating the wall putty, use sandpaper to make the surface smooth.

5. Make sure the surface is dust and dirt free. Use sandpaper or paint scraper to remove oil and limescale from the walls if required.

Advantages of wall putty

  • It is environment-friendly.
  • It increases the life of wall paint.
  • The application of 2 coatings creates a smoother surface to paint the walls. It gives the perfect finishing look.
  • It can be used outside as well as inside.
  • It prevents the paint from falling off.
  • It requires less care.
  • Due to its resistant property, it saves the wall from patches.

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