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Paint colour combination ideas for exterior wall

Paint colour combination ideas for exterior wall

Love, at first sight, doesn’t happen only with people, it happens with stunning exteriors too!

Have you ever deliberately given a long gaze at a beautiful building or a house? Have you felt that urge of wanting your exteriors to be exactly like what you saw?

Well, this is the magic spell cast by the superior exterior wall paint combination. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.

After all, for savouring your interiors’ beauty, it’s the exteriors that need to grab your visitors’ eyeballs.

What is more, agreeable is – the first impression should last forever! And this desire can be transformed into reality by painting your exteriors by using the Indigo exterior wall paint combination.

Overview of Colour Combination Ideas

Have you been sticking to one colour for the exterior walls of your home?

That’s too old an idea to hold on to! Gone are the days when you painted your walls in dull colours.

This day and age call for exhibiting your exuberance! So, no more settling with the drab exterior wall paint combination, instead, it’s time to choose the best wall colour combination ideas that make a splash.

Types of Exterior Colour Combination

Exterior wall painted side view

Choosing wall paint colour combinations entailing two or more hues for the outside of your house or a building is undoubtedly a herculean task.

When you begin selecting the apt wall paint colour combination, you can get bogged down with several swarming thoughts like wanting to highlight the architectural details or finding a complementary shade for the trims and shutters or concluding the right shade to deck up the doors and windows.

So, here are some brilliant exterior colour combinations to help you come back down to earth:

1. Ethereal Pink

Charming pinks are no more confined to the interiors. They look adorable on the outside walls and give ‘Aww’ moment to the onlookers. You can either choose the flamboyant pink or a sombre hue coupled with off-white or grey/ mauve details to make a dainty exterior wall paint combination.

2. Entrancing blue

The shades of blue or the colour teal, which is a playful combination of blue and green, look striking yet serene on the exteriors of a building or villa—glitz up your exteriors by using this bold exterior wall paint combination of a blue shade and pristine white.

3. Sprightly yellow

If you are the reticent kind and looking for sober yet tasteful exterior paint combination, do away with the archetypal beige and taupe hues. The muted yellow can make your abode heave into view amidst the thronging buildings, and yet give a warm and inviting vibe to the visitors.

4. Tangerine temptation

If snazzy is what defines your taste, splashy tangerine and gleeful yellow will make for a stunning home wall colour combination for your exteriors. If you want to accentuate your sharp architectural specifics, you can use white or ivory shades for your window trims.

How to Select Colour Combination – Guide

1. Settle on the best

Indigo exterior emulsion is a prudent choice when it comes to selecting the exterior wall paint combination.

You wouldn’t want to pay someone to climb up the scaffold all over again anytime soon!

So, you need the colour that covers well, resists dust, and puts up with the weather.

2. Call to mind the indelible materials.

Do you have any existing stone or brick foundations, pergola, or a patio?

If you do, factor in their underlying tones while going about the exterior wall paint combination. If you are still in a muddle, try coupling the opposites in terms of colour temperature.

For example, if you have an exterior with exposed brick walls in a warm red shade, instead of going for the reddish-tan or the yellowish-brown, you can choose a beige hue with the cool blue/grey undertones.

3. Don’t forget your trims!

Trims, although a minor part of the bigger picture, can accentuate your façade or make it look jaded.

If you do not want to go in for the same-old ghost white for your trims, you can go for the ivory or seashell hue.

4. Imagine like a child

Indigo paints promise to execute like a professional, but lets you imagine like a child. So, make use of technology and choose from the myriad of colours in the comfort of your couch to visualize the finished look of your very own home wall colour combination.

5. Begin with the swatches

Once you have set the seal on the exact exterior wall paint combination, don’t start with the painting expedition right away. Get the samplers and put some paint both on the north and south side of your exteriors, as the lighting can dramatically vary at both these sides.

Benefits of Using Different Colour Combination

When it comes to exterior paint combinations, there is no dearth of ideas. Indigo is the perfect pal to give wings to your ideas.

Ever wondered why wall colour combinations for exterior walls have become a popular choice for many?

Here are some benefits –colour combination on the exterior is a mirror to your personality. They give your home the much-needed revamp and a fresh outlook. Colour combination of external walls also plays a crucial role in uplifting our moods whenever we give it a glance after coming back home.

Painting Tips

Now that you have selected the desired colour combination and are set to deck up your dream abode, here are some painting tips to get you started with your expedition.

To get your exteriors ready for the paints to cling to, you would need to resort to plastering or application of putty and primers. Indigo paints provide you with a range of primers for exterior surfaces to cater to your needs.

1. The first step involves cleaning the surfaces thoroughly to remove the dust, dirt, fungus, and any other unsolicited residue.

2. Next, to avoid lime blooming or patchiness on your plastered surface, allow the plaster to cure properly for at least three to four weeks before you begin painting.

3. In case of any minor irregularities, you will need to make use of putty to achieve a smooth canvas.

4. Ensure that the putty dries completely before you apply the primer. This is a crucial step for your paint job to last long.


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