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Best Onam Decoration Ideas to Try at Home

Best Onam Decoration Ideas to Try at Home

Onam, a festival celebrated majorly in Kerala, honours the benevolent King Mahabali, who is believed to return to Kerala around this time. Keralites from all over the world commemorate the 10-day Onam celebrations with much fanfare. A few days before the festival, people begin cleaning and decorating their homes to welcome King Mahabali’s spirit, which is said to visit every Malayali home and inquire about the residents’ well-being during this period. The 10 days of Onam are called Atham, Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom and Thiruonam, respectively.

On this auspicious occasion, we provide you with some straightforward yet traditional Onam decoration ideas to infuse your home with a festive atmosphere. You can take into account the following home decoration ideas:

  1. Bring A Touch of Tradition to Your Entrance

    A brightly adorned and well-designed doorway is believed to infuse a house with positive vibes. Therefore, this Onam, highlight your entrance area with traditional décor to invite abundance. Pookalam, a decorative flower rangoli, should be the first thing to be set up when festive decoration for Onam is being done. Place some lovely oil lamps and tall brass lights around it. You can also use wall hangings or the state’s iconic handicraft, kathakali face art, to go with the festive mood. Lastly, put flowers and torans in your doorway, and you’re all set to greet your visitors and, most importantly, King Mahabali’s spirit.

  2. The Festival is Incomplete without Onam Sadya

    Most traditional Indian festivities revolve around food. So make sure to add a lovely tablescape to your Kerala Onam decor to-do list. For an authentic feel, lay your dining table with a lovely table runner, arrange fresh flowers and lights in the middle, and serve a delectable Sadya on lush banana leaves. However, if finding fresh banana leaves seems a bit challenging, use your best traditional brass dinner set to serve your near and dear ones and enjoy the food experience. If you’re searching for Onam decor ideas to spruce up your dining space, consider including a wallpaper featuring a boat racing or Kathakali facial art that brilliantly captures the vibe of Kerala.

    Onam Decoration Paint Tips

  3. Flower Decoration

    Using lots of fresh flowers in your house is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to create a festive vibe on the occasion. Flowers are pleasing, and their fragrant scent gives any room a calming atmosphere. You can adorn your living room or pooja room with garlands, a toran with fresh leaves, origami, or even both. As far as Onam stage decorations are concerned, add a few hanging lamps to the pooja room’s decor, create a tiny rangoli at the area’s entrance, and lighten it up with diyas or even a bowl of blossoms with floating lamps. Set up the pooja necessities, and you’re ready to celebrate Onam while inhaling the mesmerising fragrance of flowers!

    Flower Decoration for Onam

  4. Bring the Onam Festive Feeling into Your Bedroom space

    Shades of white, gold and silver capture the season of Onam festivities. The primary colours of Onam are from the flowers that bloom during this period. These include bright yellow, red, orange, and purple. You can decorate your room with bedsheets, curtains in white and gold, and a basin of jasmine flowers. You could also use theme-based painting in different areas of your home, taking inspiration from the Onam colours.If you wish to spend time with your partner when the guests have left, jasmine flowers’ lingering smell is ideal. Also, you may choose a Kerala mundu and have a local tailor sew curtains as per your specifications to mark the occasion. You could also install a table lamp with an Onam theme by the bed for a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Adding decorative pillows with Kathakali faces to your festive decor is another clever approach to add depth. Put oil lamps on either side of the window to illuminate your bedroom during the festive season.We just gave you Onam decoration tips fit for both lavish parties and intimate gatherings at your house. Pick a decorating concept with Onam colours that works for you and then relax and enjoy the celebratory vibe. These simple home decoration ideas will help bring Onam’s festive spirit into your home.

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