4 Reasons to add Indigo to your decor

Written by Team Indigopaints  | Published:
September 6, 2019

The beautiful vibrant colour between blue and violet in the visible colour spectrum is the dark purplish blue or Indigo. It is one of the most natural and relaxed tones. When it comes to colours, the question arises whether the colour is more blue or purple. The generally accepted answer is that Indigo is one-quarter purple and three-quarters blue, and it has its own set of hues, shades and varieties. Popularised by Isaac Newton himself, Indigo is one of the seven primary colours of the colour spectrum.
Our company, the brand, is called Indigo Paints, named after the dye and the colour. Indigo being a vibrant colour signifies our philosophy, seen through our products, schemes and colour wheels. We aim to surprise our customers. We are pioneers of the different metalic paints used for external and internal designs, paintings and decorations. We not only paint walls, roofs, ceilings, and floors, but we also strive to transform your house into complete homes, with colours that suit your needs, personality and lifestyle. Our creations, palettes, pattern ideas all aim to surprise you, to enthuse you, and we strive to make sure you get the right choice of colours, designs, décor paintings and other creations.
The colour Indigo is one of the colours we provide in different forms and creations. The colour denotes personality compassion, liveliness, dynamic elements and a mix of traditions meeting modern outlook. People who love Indigo get our help in painting, and we also provide expertise and guidance to our customers in choosing colours like Indigo.

If we are to suggest to our customers to choose specific colours, we make sure you like the colours and give the reasons why the colours are the right choices. There are reasons why the colour Indigo can add to your décor.

The primary reason why Indigo is chosen to set the mood of the room or house is a calm ambience that creates a notion of stability, naturalness, royalty and symbolism associated with dark shades of purple and blue. Indigo best used as bright Indigo, denim, electric Indigo and Indigo dye shades. Different shades of this ‘blue gold’ colour that gives décor a feel of freshness.

Indigo is both a traditional and modern colour. It is a heritage colour that can adapt to contemporary styles and patterns. The feel of velvet colour can create illusions of ocean or sky or even a starry sky.

Another reason why you can opt for Indigo is if you want an individualistic reflection of yourself, your free spirit, your independent lifestyle, your modern outlook mingled with traditional values and to show the healthy balance in your lives. It is both a natural and neutral colour as well according to the décor designs.

Indigo is one of those colours that portray all kinds of moods, hues and tones. It can be adapted to moody tones if the customer wants muted and subdued ambience. It can be used as a passionate mood if the customer desires for a mix of vibrant Indigo combined with compatible colours. The colour can bring different feelings, from forests and jewel tones to classy elegance. It is indeed one of the best moods setting colours.

We, at Indigo Paints, prioritise our customers, and we desire to give you the utmost satisfaction at choosing and creating the right interior and exterior designs, décor and patterns. We use Indigo as one of the most crucial décor paints, and we leave no stone unturned to create the ultimate experience for you.


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