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5 Exterior Paints Colour Combinations to Amp Up Your Home Look

5 Exterior Paints Colour Combinations to Amp Up Your Home Look

It’s the festive season! It is that time of the year where you shop for stylish traditional clothes, delicious sweets and the best gift items for your loved ones. It is also when you decorate your house’s interior with pretty flowers and unique home décor items stored inside the storeroom for months. But what about the exterior? The humble yet significant exterior spaces of any property are mostly left unattended throughout the year. But not this time!

Welcome the celebrations of the coming months by revamping your home’s exterior walls with the best house painting colour combinations. Help the space look extraordinarily impressive from the rest in your locality by including amazing colour combinations and effortlessly amp up your home’s look.

1. Keep it simple & neutral.

Simple & Neutral Exterior Paints Colour Combinations

Nothing beats the gorgeousness and sophistication of a neutral colour combined with another darker natural shade. Neutral shades are perfect for people who love to keep it simple, and they are anyway a timeless choice. Go for shades such as Espresso Cream, Cream and Nude and combine any one of these shades with Deep Chocolate, Autumn Leaf or Champagne shades. The exterior paints combination will act as the perfect backdrop for a classy exterior.

2. Go Bold

Unlike the previous option, the list of options if you would like to go for some bold moves with your Exterior Colour Paint is pretty much. Of course, you need to be careful in choosing the right combination so that the walls look neither too bright nor too dull. So, you can pick colours such as red, navy blue and forest green and tone them down a little with subtle natural shades like brown or white.

3. Gorgeous Pink with Naturals

Gorgeous Pink with Naturals Exterior Colour Combinations

You may consider this to look girly initially, but trust us, your house will look gorgeous from the outside. There are dozens of shades in pink that you can pick from. You can also tone down the brightness of the shade by adding a lighter colour. Combine pink with a natural shade such as cinnamon brown, roasted coffee brown or maybe light yellow. Make the colour combination bold or subtle. The choice is yours. But either way, you would love the result.

4. Bring Home Nature

Home Nature Exterior Colour Combinations

Imagine looking at your house from a distance and its colour getting perfectly blended with the sky above or the trees and plants around or behind. Isn’t that simply gorgeous? Another Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination that you can go for is blue with white or shades of brown or forest green with white. These are unique Exterior Wall Painting Colour Combinations that aren’t popular and will make heads turn.

5. Two Shades of Grey

This may sound a little hysterical, but the colour grey is slowly gaining popularity as a unique wall paint option for interior walls. You can come across several celebrity homes that have walls painted in different shades of grey. For the exterior, this may appear dull, but not when you make the right exterior wall painting colour combinations. Combine your favourite shade of grey with white and a dash of black or brown, and look for yourself your stylish abode!

Each of the wall paint colour combinations mentioned above will not only make your property the talk of the town, but they will help you get ready for the festive season with full prompt and joy! Each Wall Paint Colour Combination will highlight your festive décor gorgeously, and imagine the beautiful pictures that will come through!

Before implementing any House Painting Colour Combinations, you should also ensure the use of additional paints for the best results. Indigo Paints offers an excellent collection of high-quality exterior emulsions along with tile and floor paints. These emulsions and paints help withstand the paint from natural elements such as heat and rain, making your home look forever new for many years.

The Acrylic Laminate is one of Indigo Paints’ premium emulsions designed for both interior and exterior applications. This emulsion repels water, and the formula ensures protecting your walls from attacks by fungus and algae. What other benefits can you enjoy when applying the acrylic laminate emulsion by Indigo Paints?

1. Washable with low dirt pickup

2. Gorgeous high sheen finish

3. Easy to apply

4. Long-lasting

5. Perfect for both exterior and interior usage

You must speak with experts before and after choosing the colour combination for your property to receive the best results. Indigo Paints introduces you to a plethora of interior and Exterior Wall Painting Colour Combinations that assure brightening up your beautiful and cosy spaces for many, many years. To check out some ready-made colour combinations, click here now!

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