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4 Trending Ideas for Wall Texture Painting

4 Trending Ideas for Wall Texture Painting

Whether you wish to texture paint a single wall or an entire area in your house, texture paints are an easy and most affordable way to add a wow factor to any space. Even if your home decor is subtle, a feature wall can give you just a splash of eclectic charm and add character in the simplest way.

With newer innovations and advancements in paint technology, you don’t have to rely on expensive wallpapers for adding texture to your walls. With an enormous amount of potential, texture paints are the answer to all your worries. And if you are looking for some trending Wall texture paint ideas, here are some of the best ways you can achieve a charming texture without breaking your wallet.

Looking for some inspiration to texture paint patterns or add sophistication to plain walls? Here are some aesthetic ideas to help you out.

1. Create a stone texture wall

Trending stone wall texture paint design

A unique yet surprisingly simple way to add texture to any wall or room in your house, this stone-like texture can be achieved with a multi-colour Emulsion Paint from Indigo, applied over a base colour of your choice. This multi-colour emulsion has individual flecks of different colours that give a sense of depth and natural texture, suitable for both interiors as well as exterior walls.

● Firstly, finalise where you’d like the texture and your desired texture design for wall painting.

● You will have to apply a base colour over a nicely primed wall with Indigo Polymer Putty.

● Over this, use the multi-colour emulsion with a texture gun or a roller.

● According to the density desired, apply multiple coats.

● Allow it to air dry.

Even with the first coat, it will start to look like granite/stone. But you can choose the density of the flecks and go for more coats if you wish. With just a simple coat of paint and this multi-colour emulsion from Indigo, you can have yourself a perfectly textured wall that can become the focal point of any room or exterior.

2. Go for an accent wall with antique texture

Stone finish with beige wall colour living room ideas

Another simple way to add a unique texture design for wall painting is by doing the antique copper or gold wall that almost looks like it’s made up of metal. This texture looks sophisticated because of its details but it is fairly easy to achieve and durable for exterior walls as well. To get this antique gold texture,

● Start by applying polymer putty to the wall in an uneven manner to achieve a textured wall.

● Apply a base coat of black paint evenly and allow it to dry completely.

● Next, use the Metallic Finish Emulsion Paint by Indigo paints and dry brush it onto the black wall.

● This will highlight the top of all textures and leave the black peeping as the base to give it depth.

● Allow it to air dry before styling the wall as you wish.

The Indigo paints metallic finish emulsion paint has this beautiful pearly shine that makes the entire texture more metallic making even this simple texture paints design look royal and antique.

3. Choose a patterned roller texture

Wall texture paint

This is probably one of the simplest ways to add texture without needing any expert help, effort or time. It is a subtle way of adding texture to the walls without them being too busy or attention-seeking in the room. It is easy to achieve and can be done on all walls, exterior or interior.

● To start, choose a simple wall texture that can be done with a textured roller.

● Select a roller with patterns or textures on it.

● Prepare the wall with a coat of primer.

● Apply a layer of base coat or thin putty and run the textured roller over it.

● Allow it to air dry.

● You can either leave it as is or apply any paint over it.

This texture is perfect for those who wish to add character to their wall without it being the central focus in the room.

4. Stencil a pattern

If you are looking for a texture like illusion and want to do it on your own, this is probably the best way to do it. By using stencils to add an illusion of texture to your walls. This does not require special help or equipment other than your normal painting supplies and a good combination of wall texture colours.

● First, start by prepping your wall by filling out any holes and cracks with putty and priming it.

● Apply a base coat of selected colour and apply multiple coats if necessary.

● Use a stencil of your choice to create a pattern or motif on the wall and place it with the help of painters tape.

● Apply a coat of contrasting paint with the help of a roller or brush.

● Peel off the stencil to reveal the beautiful motif.

● Pro tip: For a textured wall look, go for a pattern over the entire wall and use undiluted paint as the contrasting colour, for a more textured look.

Applying wall texture with a stencil is not just easy but a great way to create a wallpaper-like look within a budget. It can also act as artwork for bare walls if you just use it to make a few motifs.

Textured walls can elevate the look of any drab room and instantly give it a fresh makeover. Whether you’re looking for something subtle and muted or wanting to go all extravagant. A wall texture painting combined with good colour combinations can do the job well. And if you use these newest trends in texture painting, it will leave everyone admiring your walls and we’re sure you’ll gather a lot of compliments too!

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