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Surprise Your Guest in This Diwali With Trending Living Room Colours

Surprise Your Guest in This Diwali With Trending Living Room Colours

It’s not uncommon for people to spend the majority of their time in the living room. To impress your guests during Diwali, try using vibrant paints for the living room that are currently popular. In this high-traffic area, picking a suitable colour scheme can make all the difference.

There is a lot to consider when picking out paint colours for your living room. When choosing a colour for your living room, remember that you will be entertaining guests for the Diwali celebrations there. Colour schemes that are both eye-catching and calming are a given.

Why do we have so many choices for the wall colour combination for the living room? Well, this Diwali, wow your visitors with the hottest living room paints and their natural beauty!

Ageless Blues

Ageless Blues Diwali Trending Living Room Colour

Blues are ageless, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. This year, infuse your living space with vibrant blues that vary from the softest to the most vibrant hues on the colour wheel. Despite their austerity, these hues exude the highest degrees of cosiness and beauty. It’s as if you’re on an aircraft, on the way to some destination. Or enjoying your vacation at some coastal retreat!! These blue-hued two colour combinations for the living room captures your attention, immediately taking you and your guests to another dimension.

Industrial Whites and Greys

White is the most famous living room colour throughout the festive season, according to most interior designers. Despite their reputation for being bland and uninspired, White walls seem to be all the rage this year. Due to the versatility of white, it may be used to complement a wide variety of furniture types and design sensibilities. If your taste in interior design evolves, you will save the hassle of repainting your home. Yellow lighting accentuates white’s expansive quality, making it even more welcoming. This is the ideal living room paint colour if you’re uncertain about your style.

This year, contemporary greys will be a popular paint colour choice for achieving a polished, elegant modern appearance. Additionally, you may restrict the two colour combinations for the living room by utilising white lighting and monochrome furnishings. And your guests will believe your walls are white when painted a different colour thanks to modern grey tones.

Magnificent Blacks

Darker hues are gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike. For instance, homes with black-painted ceilings are trendy this festive season. As with our basic neutrals, deeper tones work well with creams and yellows to create a cosy atmosphere and greys and whites to create a frostbitten appearance. When used as an accent wall in a living room, deep blue or green is a good choice because it helps to modernise the space. Furthermore, experimenting with bolder shades is currently in style, with more vibrant paints for living rooms.

Pinks with a Blush!!

Soft violets, blooming pinks, and delicate creams are making a return in the home décor industries. Instead of the standard whites and beige, these bright, breezy wall colour combinations for the living room offer a refreshing departure. They look fantastic in any environment and complement a wide variety of other hues. Another excellent choice for people who like it is to choose a chromatic paint colour scheme that looks amazing in any space. Pinkish tones are prevalent in boho style homes, modern glam interiors, and contemporary living spaces.

Subtle Greens

Subtle Greens Diwali Trending Living Room Colour

Green inspires emotions of peace and tranquility, which we all want to permeate our living spaces. Whatever the season, green is an enduring accent wall colour combination for the living room. This year’s and provide alternatives for individuals who prefer a more subdued appearance.

Given how much time we spend inside these days, adding a few plants to the living room may have a noticeable effect. Subtle shades of green stand as an excellent option if you want to elevate your living room paints. This is the perfect choice for individuals seeking a natural feel in their house while maintaining a mid-century aesthetic in their living area.

Twentieth Century Neutrals

Twentieth Century Neutrals Diwali Trending Living Room Colour

Hazelnuts, peppermint green, mushrooms, and buttery yellow are this year’s most favoured living room colours. Individuals seeking a consistent two colour combination for the living room across their home can benefit from neutral colours since you can use these in any room. While the furniture choices are almost limitless when working with neutral fans, the effect is a more inviting atmosphere than would be created with an all-white house. Warm neutral tones are used in mid-century modern home design, while cooler neutral tones are preferred in contemporary paints for living rooms for authenticating the farmhouse design.


Now that you’ve settled on your living room paints for Diwali, take advantage of the newest living room colour combination to wow your visitors from Indigo Paints. And liven up the living space décor!

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