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What Is the Best Time of the Year to Paint Your House?

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Paint Your House?

Your decision to paint your home is highly dependent on the weather conditions. While some seasons can prove advantageous, others can create hurdles when adding new paint colours.

Based on the weather conditions around you, the decision to add new paint colours will need some thought. Although interior colour ideas are not something to worry about, you can create the desired atmosphere with the proper equipment and breakthrough technologies. The exterior painting activities can be daunting if executed in the wrong seasons.

So, the question is – what is the best time of the year to paint your house? Let us go through the challenges faced in every weather while implementing paint ideas. It will make it easier for you to pick the conditions that cater to your locality the best.

● Splashing Paint Colours in Summer

Blue & White wall paint dual combination ideas

Summer is generally regarded as the best season to experiment with paints for your homes. With the warmth of the sun and no rains, the chosen paint colours can dry at the earliest. However, it is crucial to note that not all summer months offer the best conditions. While early summers are suitable for painting, extreme heat can dry the coating layer.

● Adding Paint Colours for Home in Autumn

Peach Colour Wall for Study room

Along with welcoming the fall season, you can also impart a new look to your house with the latest home paint colours. As the pre-autumn season maintains almost the same temperature throughout the day and night, take advantage of it to give your home a makeover. The reason is that paint takes longer to dry with drastic temperature changes.

● Painting the House in Winters

Indigo Blue brick texture wall paint for living room

The exterior paint colour for houses can be executed in the winter season without any problems. November can be considered the best time in this season as there are minimum temperature fluctuations. During this season, the areas that don’t have extreme winter offer low humidity levels that enable the paint to stay on the walls. The better the bond, the longer the life of colour will be.

● The Monsoon Painting

Yellow Colour for Sitting room

As you know, paint must only be applied on dry surfaces. This thumb rule makes the monsoon season unsuitable for applying new home paint colour. The humidity or moisture can prolong the drying period of the paint. Note that humidity is not only about heavy rains, as dew formation can also ruin the fresh house wall paint. This dampness can crack the otherwise smooth finish and make the house look shabby.

Which Season suits Interior Painting?

Applying home paint colour in the interior spaces is not as challenging as it is for the exteriors. Any month can be chosen to spruce up the home’s interior areas. The critical barrier to painting the interiors is the humidity levels. A humid room environment can keep the paint wet for a long time. Such an environment won’t support the sticking of paint to the walls.

The only primary consideration is not to paint it around any big home event. You have to be careful with fresh home paint colours in the indoor spaces as it takes time to dry. Even if the paint seems dry on touch, a portion of it could still be wet. It can leave marks on the walls if any furniture time is rubbed against it abrasively.

For those with joint families and children, go for high-quality Anti-odour paints to keep the spaces free of gas or chemicals. Choose a rain-free day, and you are all set to amp up the interiors of your home with a new style statement. For the best interior paints, visit Indigo Paints.

Plan, Prepare, and Paint!

Home painting only seems a good idea when executed in the perfect weather conditions supporting your decision. Your dream home painting deserves the best environment to nurture the fresh vibes. With all the challenges different climatic conditions can pose, you must select the time of the year that suits your area the most.

Make the most out of the natural weather while opting for paint colours that make your home stand out in the entire neighbourhood. For expert advice, visit Indigo Paints.

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