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9 Unique Theme Based Door Colour Combination for Your Home

9 Unique Theme Based Door Colour Combination for Your Home

You may have many different door colour combinations to choose from, but they must be to your liking. These assortments of paint door colour combinations are sure to set your abode apart. Let’s explore new theme-based door colour concepts!

Whatever the original designer’s choice, doors in your house may be a great location to showcase your personality and sense of style.

The exterior and interior of your home represent both the physical world and the heavenly realm; it is the first thing people see when they come to visit you. To make an excellent first impression, use eye-catching door colour combinations. In addition, the colour of your doors should match your personality and the style of your house. Listed here are some of the most exciting door enamel paints you may experiment with for your perusal.

To learn about paint door colour combinations for your heavenly home, keep reading!

Airy Whites

While you’re building a new home, white theme doors will make it appear lighter and airier. With the help of other colours, a room that would otherwise feel claustrophobic or isolated can be transformed into one that radiates light and space. There are numerous design and material options in this decorating style, so you’re sure to find something you like. Think about how the Indigo PU Enamel can improve your quality of life and make you happier.

Blazing Oranges

Blazing Orange Door Colour Combination

Consider bright and eye-catching door colours if your outlook is positive and you like being out in public. Bright orange door enamel paints will grab people’s attention from across the room. For your front door and the doors within the cosy house, orange is a cheery and inviting colour option that you can explore.

Coastal Blues

Coastal Blues For Door Colour Combination

Give a coastal theme a new twist with cool blue doors. Choosing blue as your home’s primary colour scheme will instantly make it appear more open, spacious, and serene. Using a vibrant blue colour gives your home a new look and feel. Paint your front door a shade of blue to bring the ocean inside. This tropical hue has a calming effect on the mind and spirit! And with this blue-hued door colour combination, you’re inviting calm and serenity into your home.

Eco-friendly Greens

Modern green is a fresh and eco-friendly colour theme. Choosing an eco-friendly colour scheme that matches your tastes, budget, and personal style is easy with so many eco-friendly options. Greener shades are easier to clean and maintain than conventional shades because they don’t show scuffs or smudges. If you’re planning on renovating your home’s exterior, go with an Indigo PU Enamel green front door colours for your door.

Innovative Blacks

Innovative Blacks For Door Colour Combination

Think about painting your house’s doors black to add drama. Enliven dull, lifeless rooms with a predominantly black colour scheme. You can use it in other areas of your home depending on the season and the room’s colour. An ominous and lavish use of black enhances a space. This shade is luminous due to its richness and vibrancy. If black isn’t your thing, choose from various wooden door colour combinations like brownish, blackish-red, and dark-toned navy-green door paints.

Intense Reds

Red can make a powerful visual statement when used correctly. If you want a significant impact, paint the walls or even the windows red! No one can deny that red is a popular door combination for a home design project inside and outside. Even on a gloomy day, red can be a stunning accent colour. Red front door colours are unquestionably suitable for people who like a little heat in their house using red, charcoal, or black paint. Incorporating a pop of intense red into your home’s design is an excellent way to draw attention without going overboard.

Subtle Greys

Subtle Greys For Door Colour Combination

Colour schemes still rely on neutrals like grey. If you want a more subdued door colour scheme, these soothing colours are a must. Choose a grey door paint theme for a more balanced living room with intense colour schemes. Grey is a neutral colour that can be used in any room. An open floor plan gives the impression of more space while also promoting a more relaxed atmosphere. Grey paint can make an older home more inviting to visitors.

Sun-kissed Yellows

Like the swaying of sunflower petals on a farmstead? A bold yellow front door is an easy choice in that case! Yellow is a versatile colour for both indoor and outdoor design projects. Yellow instills positivity by instilling a strong sense of joy and self-confidence. Yellow can be mixed with other colours to create eye-catching colour schemes and tones. White is fine if you don’t have any different colours. This colour works well with many interior design themes and enamel paints. To begin, select a colour tone for your door.

Stylish Violets

Do you want your house’s front door colours to have a more luxurious and fashionable appearance? In terms of both the interior and exterior of your home, violet is the best colour for your doors. The best way to stand out against the neutrals in the house and even the lush greenery outside is to paint your front door violet. This wooden door colour combination is the prettiest door colour you’ve seen so far!


While you’re planning home renovations, consider using vibrant Indigo PU Enamel paint door colour combinations instead of traditional hardwood hues and tints. Choose the best door colours that go well with your style from our colour palette. And, pick the best wooden paints to begin building your dream house!

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