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4 Things To Consider When Painting Your House in Summers

4 Things To Consider When Painting Your House in Summers

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Though painting your house sounds fun and exciting, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before splashing your home with any colour. The first point to assess before stepping into the activity is the season. Summertime happens to be the best time to paint your home, due to minimal rain and optimal warmth which make painting a hassle-free task. This applies especially to the tropical Indian summer.

However, there are a few points to consider while painting your home in the summer. They are as listed below:

1. The Type of Paints you plan to use for your home

As you know, the exterior of your house is exposed to extreme conditions, as such it is vital to know about the most appropriate paints that can stand the test of time. While the interior is safer, and more protected from harsh conditions, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of paints used inside either.

Here are the types of paints one could consider using:

Type Of Paints For Your Home

● Dirtproof and Waterproof Exterior Paint

As the name suggests, this paint is perfect for the exterior of your home. Offering protection from dirt and moisture, these will reward you with fresh-looking walls for many years to come.

● Exterior and Interior Acrylic Laminate

These premium quality paints for your house, are perfect for both exteriors and interiors, and can fulfil the level of finesse you wish to achieve. This water-repelling wall paint keeps your home safe from fungal attacks and minimises the need to rework for a long time.

● Luxury Interior Paint

A soft, glowing finish in your home colour shade can help exude luxury in the interiors. These interior paints are composed of pure acrylics and offer you the ease of cleaning. Do you keep dreaming of spotless interior walls? Well, here’s your dream come true with a perfect house wall colour, splashed with the glam quotient.

2. It’s all about the right timing!

Though summers last long, it doesn’t mean that every month can support your house painting activity. Consider the months from April to June with subtle warmth and almost no moisture. While late summers might obstruct the task with monsoons, the extreme summers must also be avoided as well, since too much heat might cause the house wall paint to dry out.

3. Consider using UV-resistant Paints for your House

UV-resistant Paints For Your House

As the summer season has various advantages for house painting, the harmful UV rays of the sun cannot be neglected. It is important to make sure whichever home colour shade you decide to go ahead with, must have a high resistance to UV rays to prevent any damages to the overall look.

4. Choose the best Paint Colours for your House as per your taste

When the timing is all set, the next big question arises: Which paint colours for house will look good on your property?

Choosing a good home colour shade is not an easy task. It needs one to be creative, to find the perfect match for your home, which in return will reflect your personality. With endless options to choose from, apply test coats of the wall colour that appeal to you the most and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Happy House Painting!

Choose The Best Paint Colours For Your House

Make the most out of your summers by adding tints of new house colour shades to your property. A fresh coating of paints exudes liveliness and positive energy. Ensure that the chosen paints for your house offer the best quality and promise to last for years. Tap in with professionals and let them give birth to a new home for you!

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