10 two-colour combinations to look out for this diwali festive season

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December 3, 2020

Let the pomp and gleam of Diwali reflect on your walls!

Diwali has always been known as the festival of lights. Traditionally, this festival starts with prepping your house, cleaning the rooms thoroughly, installing new decors, and painting the house. This Diwali, give your home the perfect makeover.

Let your walls shine with colour combinations for your bedroom walls and for your hall, and light it up!

The two-colour combinations will give a robust and new look to your house. Festivals are a time of merriment with family and friends and guests coming over and celebrating. A gorgeous house only adds to the extravaganza. It makes you feel at home – adding a burst of colour and joyous air. You can even colour just the walls instead of the entire house. Choose a festive palette of purple, deep blue, red, fuchsia, magenta, or burnt orange to amp up the festive quotient.

Indigo Paints brings to you ten two-colour wall combinations that range from royal, festive to calm and soothing tones.

1. Cream and Coral

Adding a royal touch to your walls, this two-colour wall combination is the perfect choice for a glorious Diwali celebration. The exquisite colour palette drips with grandeur and suits the gala nature of Diwali. Hang onto some grey curtains to adorn this beautiful and delicate colour scheme.

2. Yellow and Grey

A rare two-colour combination for the adventurous heart. You may have rarely seen yellow and grey being brought onto the same room, but the calming vibes of grey and the mellow nature of yellow create magic on your wall. This is definitely worth the risk. This can also be used as a colour combination for your hall.

3. Cream and Brown

If you’re thinking about a chic two-colour combination, then brown paired with cream is the perfect match. Brown may appear offbeat, but along with creamy tones, it provides the elegant check. The perfect Diwali dapper mix, this two-colour wall paint along with the perfect choice of furniture will be a highlight this Diwali season!

4. Royal Red and Blue

Speak of royalty and magnificence, this two-colour combination of royal red and blue are the ones to go for! They might seem a risky pair, but with the right undertones and blend on the walls, they bring the best shine to your home. Red increases your room’s brightness, giving your walls the glow they need, and blue offers a serene vibe. Together they bring a very relaxing yet celebratory effect. This colour combination is definitely something your guests would love. You can choose this two-colour combination for your bedroom as well as the hall.

5. Yellow and Red

This two-colour wall combination exhilarates your room into a bohemian atmosphere. This a bold choice, and if you are one to opt for this, it is sure to be the perfect mix. The yellow offers a mellow tone while the red subdues in this assortment to ring out a great harmony!

6. Purple and Burnt Orange

This bedroom two-colour combination is a smoky and sultry mix that looks very exciting and satisfying. The deeper tone of this palette gives a royal vibe and fires up the sensuality. It works with the dazzle of Diwali and gives a nice texture to your room. This two-colour combination is one you must try!

7. Pink and Green

This two-colour combination offers an intricate look to your bedroom walls. This colour palette is natural and beautiful. The pink tone gives a classy effect while the green provides a soothing and sombre effect. This colour scheme is very calm and sophisticated and perfect for a cozy family get-together.

8. Beige and Burgundy

Beige and burgundy are one of the warmest two-colour combinations. It is one of the contrasting yet exciting combination tones. Burgundy offers an exciting expression, while beige offers a soothing mood. This two-colour combination for your bedroom walls will bring about a relaxing vibe.

9. Off-white and Lavender

These two-colour combinations are one of the most calming palettes. Lavender is known to offer a serene and alleviating scent and vibe. This accent, when toned with off-white, is surely a perfect match. This is the best two-colour combination for your room and an ideal two-colour combination for the halls.

10. Tan and Orange

These two-colour wall paints are best if you have a dreamy soul. They come out the best when they are used in their undertone shades. Choose contrasting white furniture with this colour palette and give your home a little present!

Indigo Paints brings you exquisite two-colour combinations to celebrate the festival of lights with vibrant colours. Check out for interior and exterior emulsions and add shine to your walls.


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