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Theme Based Paint Ideas to Choose For Your Home In 2022

Theme Based Paint Ideas to Choose For Your Home In 2022

People often wonder about changes in their living spaces to beautify their homes/rooms. Adding colour to surroundings can add colour to life. Additionally, it depicts an atmospheric vibe. House painting, wall paint, and interior paint design are essential aspects.

Incorporate pleasant vibes into the house by introducing colours fittingly accompanying a house’s architecture—for example, pair mustard yellow with a dark shade of blue for a harmonious scheme.

It is rightly said that people are the consequence of the aura around them; that is why the wall colour ideas and the wall paint design play a pivotal role in shaping the beauty and theme of the house.

Paint Ideas for Home

Every colour tells a story, and everybody has a different way of telling these stories. Therefore, everyone should have a right to choose their preferred colour palette. A home shelters many people, and everybody has a different sense of style and being. The paint on the walls of a house should be such that they speak to every individual living in that space. Thus, Indigo thinks it’s important for people to know how to go about it.

Here are the colour combinations and general instructions:

1. Warm and Cosy Colours: If one wants to have a cosy and friendly environment that shows togetherness and strength, one should choose red, orange, and yellow, bringing in a lot of energy, a sense of joy, and happiness. The most famous colours for 2022 are available on the website.

Warm & Cosy Colours for the House


2. Cool and Soothing Colours: If one wants to build a peaceful and calm environment, one can use colours like green, blue, and violet as they bring a sense of freshness and growth, helping in keeping positive energy around. The mixed shade of violet and blue are a rage right now.

Cool & Soothing Colours for the House


3. Neutral Colours: White, beige, taupe, grey, and black are examples of neutral hues. These are the easiest colours to work with because they merge and enhance almost any environment. Black and white paint work so well together to provide a beautiful palette on the walls.

Neutral Colours for the House


4. Pastel Colours: Pastel hues have been trending for quite a few years now and are still ruling the charts because their subtle appearance gives a cosy and homely feeling to the property. The furniture shops are also building pieces according to these colour shades, making it a perfect paint idea for the house.

Pastel Paint Colours for the House


5. Complementary and Monochromatic Colours: One should choose colours that complement one another and bring out the richness of the other colours. When using complementary colours, one colour should be more subtle while the other more dominating. Monochromatic colours have the same hue but differ in tones, values, and saturation. A fashionable and modern design can be achieved by combining two or more monochromatic hues, such as a pink wall with white home décor.

Information about relevant Indigo Paints product

Indigo Paints has distinguished itself from its competition by developing new work strategies, unique product development, and market research foundations while maintaining that surprise element with every new collection. One must surely explore the numerous options provided by Indigo Paints to discover various types of interior paint colours. One can find ready-made colour combinations on the Indigo paints website.

Indigo Paints has the widest range of interior paints and distempers, offering multiple wall colour ideas and water-based interior emulsions that can be applied to walls and ceilings. They are long-lasting and can be applied multiple times.


To conclude, one can find a wide range of wall paint designs on the Indigo paints website. Additionally, one can also explore various house colour designs, including exterior and interior paint, offering a tailor-fit choice of colour ideas according to the taste. After this well-thought-out research, one can trust Indigo with their wall paint colour combinations and ideas to revamp the house and tell their story in the way they want to.

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