What Colours Make a Bedroom Look Bigger?

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August 11, 2021

Lacking space in a room has lately become a common issue with many people. With the rising prices of properties, an individual is required to look for home spaces that fit their budget. But what if we tell you that even those small room spaces can look bigger if you use the right colour combinations? Yes, there are simple room colour combination tips and tricks in both light and bold tones, giving you the ease to choose your ideal shades conveniently.

If we talk about a specific colour to help make a room look bigger and more spacious, there isn’t really one. However, you definitely can try Interior Room Colour Combination that either blend or make a room stand out from the rest, making it look spacious. So, here are the top five easy yet trendy colour combinations to try in every small room and help them look bigger.

Top 5 Small Room Colour Combinations to Try

1. Create an illusion of increased wall height:

You can effortlessly create an illusion to make the height of a room’s walls look taller. Paint the walls with white paint to a certain level, say about 70%, and leave the rest to be painted with a shade of your choice. You can go for colours like turquoise blue, aqua, peach, or even purple. The extra white shade band will create a stretch, making the walls look longer and higher.

2. Use the same furniture colour tones:

Apply wall paints that match the colours of the furniture and fabric you have placed in a room. When using similar shades, they will blend together, allowing the room to look spacious, calm, and most importantly, uncluttered. Also, try to place minimal elements inside a room and majorly those that match with the room colour combination.

3. Create a spacious corner:

Go for a light shade of your choice to paint the walls of the entire room, except for a certain corner. This corner should be the one where you would place a good number of your stuff either in the form of decoration, cupboard, and more. Paint this corner with a darker shade such as purple, metal grey, dark teal, or coffee shades to bring a wild and bold pop of colour. This light and dark colour combination for bedroom walls will contribute to a spacious and cozy-looking room.

4. Neutral shades that blend:

It isn’t necessary to have to go either for a light tone or a dark tone to make a room look spacious. If you love neutral shades like beige, grey, ivory, or cream, you can definitely choose one of the colours with another like white and ace the Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls perfectly. Try using furniture and fabric of the second colour to help the tones blend and create a bigger-looking space.

5. The all-time all white:

The white shade magically helps to recede the walls that create an illusion of the rooms looking bigger than the rest. Additionally, it creates a calm and airy atmosphere, allowing the elements placed within the space and you to breathe. Do not add any other colours with the white and instead, place a selection of indoor plants and natural shaded fabric and furniture to create a more spacious and airy space.

Additional tips to add with every bedroom colour combination ideas

Hang a large mirror in one corner of the room to make the room look visually larger and more spacious. It will also work as a unique home décor idea for your space.

Do not crowd your rooms with unnecessary furniture or elements. Allow the rooms to be airy and spacious that will create calm and positive vibes around you.

Use the same tiles or other flooring materials in rooms that come with a balcony or two. This will help the room look bigger. Additionally, use curtains of light shades like white, baby pink, and sky blue.

Using the right colour combination for your home always works magically to create a cheerful space. Whether or not you have unique home décor items, the colour on the walls will do a good set of jobs for you to make your home look attractive. Also, ensure that you do a wall putty before applying any wall paint. That will give you a perfectly finished look and hide unwanted damages such as cracks and holes, if any.

To get expert details on how to apply paint and which colour combination for bedroom walls you should you go for, connect with our experts today. We, at Indigo Paints, are dedicated to offering only the best knowledge and services on home colours that will last many years and keep your home beautiful and happy. To know more, visit our website today.

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