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Upgrade Your Living Room with the Perfect TV Unit

Upgrade Your Living Room With the Perfect TV Unit

A TV plays a major role in strengthening the bond between family members. Similarly, TV wall decor helps knit the living room’s design. The thoughtful selection of TV wall colour design can help organise the cable clutter and enhance the aesthetics of the space.

The sleekness of new-age TV designs can be blended with apt colours for the living room to bring a modern touch to the design.

While redesigning the living room, you might wonder: Which TV wall colour combination makes the space look comfortable? What are the right paints for the living room?

Read on as we answer all your questions and suggest some TV wall paint colour ideas that is bound to inspire you.

  1. A Simple Accent Wall

If your TV wall decor idea is to make the TV one of the feature elements in the space, consider highlighting the wall with an accent shade. Your TV wall colour paint can be as bold as coral or as light as white.

Whichever colour palette you pick, ensure that the TV wall stands out by painting it with a contrasting tone. With the TV wall being the highlight, opt for a subtle console design and keep the gadgets organised within their dedicated space.

  1. A Seamless Blend with TV Wall Decor

Tv Wall Décor Ideas

One of the smartest and safest choices for TV wall decor is to opt for darker hues. Black, blue, or grey tones help conceal unwanted wiring or cables. You can either keep the design subtle by painting the TV cabinets in similar tones or bring out contrasts with light and dark shades.

Black enables a seamless blend of your TV on the wall. A daring play of dark colours exudes a one-of-its-kind design statement. However, make sure to keep this wall alone dark, or else the entire space might end up feeling overwhelming.

  1. Throw in a Little Shine

Decorate the area around the black screen with sleek and shining accessories. For instance, if the TV wall colour paint has the tones of grey, shelves and storage units can be made to shine.

Make sure to decorate the shelves with your favourite novels, tiny indoor plants, and decorative items. With the TV wall being the main attention-seeker of the living room, the entire unit can be made to reflect your personality through design and accessories.

  1. Pastel and Ambient TV Wall Colour Combination

Pastel And Ambient Colour Ideas For Tv Wall

Lighting plays an important role in highlighting a part of the room. With the TV background wall colour being subdued, don’t forget to add ambient lighting.

The addition of back-panelled lighting can effortlessly make the TV wall the focal point and infuse warmth into space.

  1. Subtle Texture Paints for Living Room

Living Room Paint Tips

A TV wall colour combination with enticing textures leads to stunning interiors. The only precaution is to opt for subtle textures that don’t overwhelm the entire design. The chosen texture must complement the whole look and has to be subtle enough to let you retain the attention to the TV. Go for low-key textures on your highlighted wall. Soften up the look further with a sleek and minimalistic console design.

  1. Royal Touch with Green TV Wall Colour Paint

Bring in the magic of green by opting for green tones for your TV wall paint colour ideas. Along with adding depth to the room, the tone makes the entire setting look refreshing. One of the major advantages of opting for a green TV wall is the flexibility of the tone in complementing any other colour schemes.

Further, jazz up the look by adding indoor plants next to the TV unit. This approach not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also helps you connect with nature while staying indoors.

  1. All-white TV Background Wall Colour

Living Room Paint

White living room decor makes the entire space look bright and airy. Go for a modern look with white TV wall decor as a contrast to the big black screen. Choosing white paint for the living room opens up the possibility of adding either dark or light furnishings as per your preferred taste.

Further, accentuate the look by opting for a floating console. The bright unit makes the room look organised and modern.

Functionally Stylish Decor

As you plan the interiors, make sure that the TV wall decor is not only aesthetic but proves to be functional as well. Your design must be subdued enough to not act as a distraction and yet bold enough to camouflage the clutter. For more ideas, visit our colour combination section.

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