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Must-Have Plants For Your Home Interiors

Must-Have Plants For Your Home Interiors

Interior decoration doesn’t necessarily have to be exquisite and expensive. It can be done in a homely, cosy manner with minimal expenses as well. Using existing decor, artwork and indoor plants is a great way to spruce up your home interiors. Thus, indoor plants are a great addition to any home since they go with almost every theme. Moreover, they take your interior decoration to a new level altogether by adding life to it.

1. Aloe Vera
Aloe has been used in Indian medicine for centuries! It detoxifies and rejuvenates the surrounding air. This is a great indoor plant to have in your kitchen. Especially for people who enjoy cooking and baking a lot, aloe vera is a useful indoor plant to have nearby. It has healing properties that soothe cuts and burns. Since it is a succulent, it doesn’t require much care and can thrive with occasional watering only.

 Home Interiors With Aloe Plants

2. Money Plant
The Money Plant is commonly seen across Indian interiors due to their simple yet elegant look. These are easy-to-maintain vines, that can grow quite well with occasional watering. They are associated with luck and prosperity in Feng Shui and Vaastu. The Money plant is a great option for interior decoration and you can keep these in your balconies, lobbies, or on window sills where they get abundant sunlight.

3. Bamboo Plant
Bamboo Plants are usually gifted, so they make for a great housewarming present. Like the money plant, bamboo is also associated with luck and abundance. Bamboo is known for its fast growth. You can keep these in your living room, in your home office, or even on bookshelves and cabinets for display. These are great for interior decoration due to their straight growth.


Bamboo Plant Décor Ideas

4. Monstera / Swiss Cheese Plant

The Monstera Plant is a large-leafed plant with a unique leaf shape. These are common indoor plants and one of the easiest plants to take care of! They grow well in a warm and humid environment. Because their leaves are so large, they are known to purify the surrounding air. However, make sure to wipe the dust off of these leaves regularly. Place them in your living room corners or your balconies for an aesthetic and refreshing look.

5. Snake Plant

The leaves of the snake plant are straight and long, growing straight from its roots. This makes the plant stand out from other indoor plants and therefore, is a must-have! Its leaves have a yellowish border and dark-green striations in the centre. Apart from its use in interior decoration, the snake plant is also known for absorbing hazardous air chemicals and carbon dioxide. It grows well in both dim and well-lit spaces with very little watering. This makes it the perfect plant to keep in the bedroom.


Snake Plant For The Bedroom

6. Areca Palm
The Areca Palm is an indoor plant staple! It’s known for its fan-shaped arrangement of leaves that sprout from each stem. It has natural air-filtering qualities and it grows into a beautiful shrub, making it ideal for interior decoration. You can plant this in an aesthetic pot and place it in a corner that gets partial sunlight. The Areca Plant needs occasional watering and drainable soil.

 Areca Palm Plant For The House
These 6 indoor plants are available almost everywhere in India and are must-haves for your interior decoration.

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