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What is the Most Popular Colour for Interior Walls?

What is the Most Popular Colour for Interior Walls?


Colours are pre-eminent in our lives. Whether in weddings, where people opt to look glamorous through attractive, colourful attire and floral arrangements, or on other occasions, colours play a crucial role in defining our moods and personalities. When it comes to our dream home, the interior colour of the house perfectly represents the personality of its owners. So, you can express yourself with high-quality, flawless, diverse, and fashionable interior wall paints.

However, with the emergence of innovative shades of colours, selecting the best one is tedious. Choosing the right interior colour for your house involves multiple visits to the store, extensive online research, and various sample tests on your wall. Despite your efforts, you may remain unsure of your choice. To lessen your burden, we have enlisted some of the most popular interior wall paint colours that you may consider for your home.

Remember, every home is different. Further, the amount of light the rooms receive, the purpose of the room, and the space in the house matter when you renovate or paint your home. Therefore, ensure to choose according to the requirements of your house.

Every room has a different aura. The living room is different from the bedroom; the children’s room is different from the grown-ups’ room. The colours of these rooms differ accordingly. You can combine two or more colours for a particular room to bring out its essence.

Let us look at some of the most popular interior wall colour combinations to recreate the interior space. Indigo Paints offers all these options and more to suit your tastes!

● Pastel Colours

Orange & White paint living room idea

Soft, light, pale, and soothing colours are classified as pastel colours. Like light purple, baby pink, powder blue, pale peach, and light yellow are some examples. The children’s room can be painted bright blue or lively pink. However, a bedroom may be painted a soothing peach colour. For a bright effect, light purple living room walls can be combined with accent colours, such as gray or white. People who like to keep it simple yet stylish can choose pastel colours for interior wall paint.

● Cream and Deep Maroon

The delightfully deep maroon colour adds beauty and luxury to the house when combined with a calming cream colour. This dual-colour scheme can add an extraordinary oomph to an ordinary wall. You can try this modernized yet sophisticated paint combination in your living room that says it all about the owner of the house.

● Purple and Gray

Architect design

Unique, unmatchable, unexpectedly alluring, this two-colour combination is an instant hit in modern interior wall colours. Purple is bright and attractive; it makes the space lively. On the other hand, gray adds subtlety and reposefulness. However, it is essential to plan the furniture colours accordingly to get the perfect vibe from your interior wall paint.

● Shades of Gray

Dark green interior wall paint

Gray can never go out of style. Most shades of gray are exceptionally bold and beautiful. Dark shades of grey, when paired with lighter shades, create a calm yet vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, you need not worry about matching the furniture with this interior paint as it goes well with any kind of decoration. You can use shades of gray in your bedroom or living room and see the difference in the atmosphere that they create.

● Green and Brown

Popular colour for interior paint

Wouldn’t you like to spend time in a park or a place that is close to nature? The green and brown interior wall colour combination will bring you close to nature with its artistic paint options. Apt for the living room, you can indulge in the tranquility of the greens and browns by choosing this wall paint.

● Blue and White

Blue is a classic colour. Multiple shades of blue, such as aqua blue, deep blue, bright blue, and greenish-blue, pair well with white. This timeless combination of interior wall colours can never go wrong with any room decor. Navy blue and white is said to improve our appetite, so it is ideal as the kitchen or dining room’s interior wall colour.

Although the trends for colours are ever-changing, a few classic colours and colour combinations will never go out of style. Quality is a prime factor when it comes to choosing colours for interiors. It is the quality of colours that brings the luster everyone desires and expects from the colours. Therefore, choose the colours wisely and the brand of interior colour solutions even more wisely. Do not settle for anything sub-par; find the best colour for interior walls at Indigo Paints.

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