4 House Paint Colours Inspired By Your Favourite Foods

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March 19, 2022

Indian cuisine’s vibrant and colourful aesthetic is something we all love. But have you ever imagined having the same in-home paint colours? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll see how you can design your home paint colour combination and palette, inspired by colours from Indian food. So is the inner foodie in you ready?

Using food-themed colours may sound odd, but it is undoubtedly a great way to create an aesthetic feel. Food, especially Indian food, is a mix of various colours which form a great cohesive theme when put together. So following a food theme will not only make your home different and unique, but you won’t have to make any effort to match the colour combination.

1. North Indian Palette

Give your home a North Indian Tadka with a home inspired by all kinds of north Indian food. All sorts of north Indian food, from butter chicken to chole bhature, is extremely rich and flavourful, so you want to keep that theme in mind. The north Indian food plate is also filled with various foods, so you get a lot of options and colour themes when it comes to a north Indian food palette.

Use warm colours like red, orange, yellow, and brown to give your home a north Indian touch. Don’t worry if you don’t like too many vibrant colours; you can use these colours in accent walls and balance the rest with light colours. Additionally, you can use a lot of textures and prints on the walls to make them stand out.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add bottle green; after all, nothing is complete without gol-gappe!

2. South Indian Palette

In contrast to North India, South Indian food is slightly milder in flavors. It, however, has a wide variety of dishes and a unique taste and colour profile. South Indian food has a lot of cool colours in its palette, such as green and white. These cool colours are great if you want a mix of colours and a cool-toned home.

If you like simple and sober colours, following a South India-themed palette is an excellent option for you. The interior house paint colours would include white, green, cream, and yellow. Apart from the wall colours, you can also add a lot of wooden furniture to give it a south Indian touch.

3. Mithai ka Dabba

To soothe your sweet tooth, what better way than to relish Indian Mithais with paint colours for home. Indian mithais are a complete package on their own. The kind of variety available is endless. And the fun part is how colourful all Indian sweets are. A mithai box’s USP is how bright and tempting it looks.

If you love fun, quirky colours in your home, this is a great theme to follow. Indian mithai dabbas are super colourful and fun. Go with a shade of pink for a bedroom to represent strawberry barfi, a fun yellow for jalebis, white for rasgullas, and brown for gulab jamuns. There you have it, a fun, colourful mithai ka dabba. Pastel colours are also a great way to make a mithai-themed home. So you can make each room based on one pastel colour, and your sweet box will be ready.

4. Chaat Inspired

Chaat is an inseparable part of Indian cuisine. Indian food is incomplete without its finger-licking and delicious chaat and street food. Apart from the fun colours and visual appeal of Indian Chaat, what makes them stand out is how peppy and zingy the taste is. So your chaat-inspired home must have a fun, peppy vibe.

To make a chaat-inspired look for your paint colours for home, you have to pick all the fun colours. But to make it peppy and fun, add a lot of additional elements to it, so the colours stand out. Make good use of lighting and wall art to give your home a fun look. You can even try your hands at painting the wall and making fun DIY designs with multiple colours to create a fun piece in your home.

Food-inspired home painting trends are catching up. You can find a lot of inspiration in your everyday food items and create a remarkable space for yourself and your family. Indian food is so diverse and unique that you are sure to find some inspiration for yourself. Let us know if you’re going to try any of these ideas and create a food-inspired home.

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