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The 5 most popular interior paint colours in trend this month

The 5 most popular interior paint colours in trend this month

Spring symbolizes a new lease of life, with nature turning green all around us, bidding adieu to the chilly winters. It’s a season of transition between extreme cold and extreme heat, and therefore apt for giving a new lease of life to your house, too, before the messy summer sets in!  How, you might ask, could that be done without burning a hole in your pocket?

The answer is simple: give your walls a makeover! Interior painting is by far the most effective way to infuse life into a dreary space. Doing up even a single wall or just a corner can work wonders and bring about a massive transformation. To give a much-needed shot of energy to your home, our experts at Indigo paints bring to you the 5 most popular interior painting colours that everyone is talking about this month. Ranging from pastel hues to vibrant shades, these are sure to mesmerize you and make you want to re-do your home!

Tingling blue:

This versatile colour makes a bold statement on walls. Coat it on a single wall or the entire room for a vibrant effect; it is sure to turn heads and spice up a dull room! If blue is your element of choice, be sure to check out Indigo paints’ range of blue shades in all of its hues. With Indigo interior painting, your walls will come to life and your life will be full of fun.


Sunny it is:

Vying for a comfortable and cosy corner? Yellow, with its effervescence, might just be your saviour. Warm and bright shades of this colour lend a natural feeling to any space, especially the living area. Available in hues from stark bright to subtler shades like mustard, it is a great choice for lending a serene appeal to any room. Add a sunny side to your interior painting with Indigo paints.

Dusty rose:

If pink catches your fancy but is too bright to be used on a wall, a shade of classic rose pink mixed with a hint of brown will subtly but surely make a statement on your wall. Using this colour for interior painting, even on a lone wall, is sure to up the glam quotient of your home.


Energetic red:

Red radiates energy and positivity. It’s a great conversation stimulator and is, therefore, suitable for family living spaces. Alternately, highlighted against a neutral background, it also creates a happy and inviting place for you to tuck up and read, or simply ponder life!


Go green:

What better way to welcome spring than to literally paint the walls green? Replicate the calm and quiet of a garden, right in your home by using shades of green and brown in different hues. Try it in any room and bask in the organic way of life!


This smattering of vivid and bold colours definitely makes interior painting an enticing occupation this spring! No matter what you fancy, Indigo paints has a colour that resonates with you. Before the clutches of summer make you want to stay indoors indefinitely, transform your home into a soothing and inviting living space. With an expert in interior painting covering your back, leave those colour woes behind, pick up that brush, and paint away! With Indigo paints, you can paint your house to the best of the choices available to suit your taste and add more spice to your life. Indigo paints add charm to the complete outlook of your interiors.


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