Home Colour Combinations That Will Give Designer Look to Your Kitchen

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February 22, 2021

The kitchen is the only place in the house where most of us prefer a neutral colour scheme. The classic look of an all-white kitchen definitely delivers a clean and crisp look. But the point is, when you choose a kitchen wall colour combination, you need to make it special with the right touch of personality. Moreover, a contemporary kitchen needs to complement the overall home colour combination. So the trend of choosing exciting kitchen colour combinations that are eye-catching and bright is on the rise.

Before we look into the best kitchen colour ideas, here are a few tips about choosing the right kitchen wall colour combinations.

Even if you have the best cabinets and counters in the kitchen, the right selection of kitchen wall paint can add to the overall vibe. The important thing is to choose the right blend of cool and warm colours. At the end of the day, choose the kitchen colour ideas that will make you feel good.

While choosing the wall paint colour combination, keep in mind that you might not be repainting the existing cabinets and countertops. So you need to take the existing colours together to create the perfect harmony of kitchen colour combinations.

The kitchen counters are the most important part of any kitchen and attract the most attention. It is best to choose a neutral colour scheme for them so that the rest of the kitchen wall paint stands out in comparison. This will also allow you to repaint the kitchen in the future, without changing the countertops.

Lighting plays a very important role in making the home paint colour combinations look good. Colours can appear different under natural and artificial lighting. So make sure that you know how a colour will behave under a particular light. In addition, you can also choose brightly coloured pendants and colourful light fixtures to get the best out of the kitchen colour ideas.

The best kitchen colour combinations

The right colour palette

One of the best ways of choosing wall paint colour combinations is to choose colours that are close to each other in the colour wheel. For example, a combination of orange and red can be eye-catching and make the kitchen look vibrant. Then again, you can choose a combination of green and blue to add a soothing and calm touch to the environment. Minimize the accessories to add visual relief to the overall space. Obviously, using darker shades in the wall paint colour combination makes it easy to maintain the kitchen.

A touch of monochrome

Monochromes can be a great home wall colour combination. So you can use monochrome themes in the kitchen to give it a distinct look. With monochromes, you can vary the texture and shades of the colours to create different tones. The various shades of grey can be used on the walls, cabinets, and counters to create interesting kitchen wall colour combinations. The traditional wooden colours of the cabinets can also be combined with white countertops.

Bold and bright colours

Some of the best kitchen wall paint choices are the bold ones that help to make a kitchen look striking. Some of the most popular bright colours are cobalt blue, orchid purple, coral red and sunflower yellow. To bring the right amount of balance in the kitchen wall colour combination you can use the bone-white shade with these colours. This will work best when there is a lot of natural light available in the kitchen. Do keep in mind that using kitchen wall paint with red shades can be tricky. It tends to steal attention from all the other shades in the room.

Pairing of contrasts

One of the best kitchen colour ideas is the pairing of completely opposite colours. This works well for large kitchens and homes with island kitchen layouts. Using opposites like green and yellow or blue and yellow can be a great way to change the appearance of the kitchen. This can also work well with all-white kitchens. You can use metallic hardware, fixtures, and accessories with a deep golden touch to create a unique kitchen wall colour combination. These colour schemes can be coupled with a white ceiling and floor to make the overall house paint combination more intense.

A touch of wood

A wood island matched with a high-contrast kitchen colour idea can definitely add a classic touch. You can use a brown or dark cabinet along with a white marble countertop to make the combination eye-catching. The use of shiny brass cabinet hardware can add to the overall brightness of the setting. While wood is not exactly a true house paint combination, it brings warmer natural tones that enhance the setting. Wooden texture can also be combined with white to bring a serene and inviting touch to the kitchen wall colour combination.

Choosing the right floor colours

The use of multicolour tiles can be very effective in creating the right ambiance in the kitchen. The combination of red and orange tiles with a white counter top creates a classic kitchen colour combination. The cheerful shades can be matched with sleek stools and stylish pendants to create a bright setting. On the other hand, black-and-white flooring can add a layer of depth to the overall kitchen wall colour combination.

Make sure that the kitchen walls paint colour combination matches with the overall house paint combination. Connecting the entire home paint colour combination with a common theme is important. While the right wall paint colour combination can transform a kitchen, you also need to keep it clean and uncluttered for the best look.


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