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5 wall colour combination that will uplift the look and mood of your teenager’s bedroom

5 wall colour combination that will uplift the look and mood of your teenager’s bedroom

Teenage happens to be one of the most impressionable stages in anybody’s life. During this time, a person goes through a plethora of emotions and extremities. A child goes through a prism of different opinions and forms strong preferences during this period. Hence, it is essential to ensure that they are surrounded by optimal positivity all the time – at least while they are at home.

You need to understand that as your kid grows up, they need their privacy due to which they end up spending a considerable amount of their time in their respective bedrooms. Hence it would be best if you opted for a bedroom wall colour combination that will keep your teenager reeking with positive vibes.

Here are some wall colour paint ideas and room colours for boys and girls that will help your teenager to stay off the blues!

1. Turquoise and white

Turquoise and white

This is a killer combo for kids who like their surroundings to be sophisticated. This amazing wall colour combination for the bedroom looks best when it is subjected to ample sunlight. You can enhance this quintessential wall colour combination by adding furniture that complements the same. The turquoise touch gives the bedroom a touch of serenity that will provide your teenager with all the peace they might be looking for. With the optimum use of white, even the smallest bedroom will space out instantly while attracting just the right amount of light to make this space your teenager’s happy place to come back home to.

2. Various tones of purple

Tones Of Purple - Teenager's Bedroom Colour Combination

You can opt for a potpourri of all shades purple to add a dash of contemporary touch to your teenager’s bedroom. If you add just the right amount of colours, you will be able to provide your teenager with an entertaining space that they might enjoy to the fullest. Initially, purple might seem to be a bit on the feminine side, but you will be surprised to learn the fact that it is indeed one of the perfect room colours for teenage guys as well! If you can come up with the right amount of purple wall colour paint ideas, your teenage son will be more than welcome to this idea.

3. Earth brown and off-white

This might sound a tad bit bland initially, especially if you have a bright and restless teenager. Still, you will be pleasantly surprised by the potential of this quintessential wall colour combination. This is one of those wall colour paint ideas that adds a dash of welcoming aura to your teenager’s bedroom and looks stunning when you meticulously team it up with darker furniture. You can even opt for occasional dark colour splashes here and there to make it pop more. Add some indoor plants along with ensuring that there is enough sunlight and ventilation, and you are likely to witness your teenager falling in love with the bedroom!

4. Peach and ivory

Peach And Ivory - Teenager's Bedroom Colour Combination

This combination is ideal for those teenagers who want a fresh bedroom wall colour combination for their respective spaces. This wall colour combination happens to be one of those wall colour paint ideas that is likely going to keep your teenager occupied while adding a dash of fresh spring touch to the entire bedroom. You may even add a unique blend to the combination by adding designer patterned trails across the paint. This will give your teenager’s room an edge and an advantage over their personality, thus helping them soothe and stay uplifted most of the time.

5. Azure sky along with summer yellow

Azure Sky Along With Summer Yellow - Teenager's Bedroom Colour Combination

One of the most well-known facts about teenagers is that they happen to be too whimsical, and their opinions change in the blink of an eye. They are frequently attracted to the finer things in life and keep up to date with the latest market trends. Thus, in such circumstances, opting for this combination will add just the right dash of shizz to keep everything good in the hood! While the azure sky blue gives a serene touch to your bedroom wall colour combination, the summer yellow ensures that your teenager’s room receives just the right amount of depth and brightness, which helps them keep their calm and grow up to be unique human beings.


Choosing the right bedroom wall colour combination might seem to be difficult at first, but, with time, you too shall learn as a parent. Besides, it is always fun to experiment with colours – you shall make the most of this while decorating your teenager’s bedroom. You need to realize that teenagers too are individual beings and expect a certain amount of decorum in their respective bedrooms and their lives.

Though there might be many avatars your kid has that you might not know about at all. Besides, every kid is different from each other – each has their spasms of characters. While there is no magic potion or a set wall colour combination for the bedroom, the room colours for teenage guys and girls mentioned earlier will help you make a call and decide which one you would want for your teenager!


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