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9 Navratri-Themed Wall Colours for the Festive Season

9 Navratri-Themed Wall Colours for the Festive Season

The festival of Navratri heralds new beginnings. Even when each region commemorates Navratri in different ways, it is celebrated with fervor and joy across the country. While colourfully dressed dancers swoon to the beats of dandiyas in brightly lit pandals across the North of India, the streets of Kolkata are thronged by processions of devotees on route to pay obeisance to Goddess Durga. Navratri is bright, loud, and saturated with hues.


Navaratri is a time of hope, an opportunity to start afresh. It reminds one to allow the colours to seep in and take hold of one’s life. Perhaps the best way to embody the spirit of this happy occasion is to spruce up the walls of the house. Here are nine Navratri-themed wall painting design ideas that will breathe life into our homes:


  1. OrangeFinding the right house painting designs and colours can often be arduous, but one can never go wrong with orange. Orange Sky, Autumn Orange, Blood Orange, Yuma, or Earthy Terracotta, the paint ideas are endless! The colour of positive energy and joy, it is sure to bless the house with warmth and exhilaration.Autumn Orange Paint Shades
  2. WhiteThose who think white is a plain and boring colour need to be introduced to the manifold shades of this alluring colour. The colour white has an impressive range of shades which are sure to surpise any householder looking for interior paint ideas. Whichever kind of white we choose, this wall painting design will bestow the home with peace and purity.
  3. RedBold and bright, red will transform any ordinary wall into a statement piece. The colour represents vitality, courage, and beauty. Pick from various shades, including Merlot, Ladybug Red, Chilly Pepper, Moroccan Red, and Rust. But don’t forget, red is passionate, and one might have strong feelings about this paint idea, so it is better to test the colour before taking a call.Moroccan Red Paint Shades
  4. Royal BlueLet’s paint the walls of our homes with this colour and let it bless us with luxury and peace. The colour also benefits finances and health. White, gold, brown, or orange pieces complement royal blue walls. The house is sure to radiate elegance.
  5. YellowWhether we lean towards a lighter tone of yellows like Pale Moon, Golden Honey, or Sundance or pick from Sun-Kissed Yellow, Showtime, and Canara Yellow, this interior paint design is sure to brighten the house. After all, yellow signifies optimism and elation! When the yellow wall is paired with white and charcoal backdrops or a red brick accent, we can stand tall with pride as visitors gawk at the stunning decor.Canara Yellow Paint Shades
  6. GreenThe colour of nature, green, is sure to inspire us with its earthiness and groundedness. While green wall painting design ideas may appear risky, fret not, for the colour stands for growth, fertility, new beginnings, and prosperity. One can choose from several shades ranging from lighter mint and moss greens to darker sage and jade greens. The beauty of the colour green is only furthered by pairing it with whites and gold, so let’s not forget to incorporate these colours!
  7. GreySubtle and chic, the colour grey may appear banal at first glance, but it signifies transformation. It represents control over one’s feelings, humility, and down-to-earth nature. We can take our pick from a wide range of shades from Silver Satin and Grey Owl to Kendall Charcoal and Steel Wood.
  8. PurpleTouch of Grey or Mystical Grape, Lily Lavender or Black Raspberry, any shade of purple will radiate peace and tranquillity. Revel in its serenity and intellectual virtues. Best complimented by shades of white, blue, and orange, any combination of these colours is an elegant addition to our paint ideas.Black Raspberry Paint Shades
  9. Peacock GreenLike the bird it is named after, the colour stands out for its uniqueness. The colour amalgamates the qualities of blue and green and is bright, grounded, tranquil, and regal. Pair it with yellows and whites to experience the true glory of the colour.

Each colour is uniquely beautiful and perfect for an Indian wall painting design. All these colours have a specific religious significance and will bless our homes with goodwill and prosperity. Glancing at any of these colours fills one with newfound energy, and a change always feels festive. Let’s pick from any of these colours and give the house a makeover!

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