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10 best color combination schemes for your living room

10 best color combination schemes for your living room

Colors give a different life and vibrancy to our rooms. They present our interests, dislikes, and our personality. How about giving some of these combinations on the walls of your living room? Add some modern colour schemes for living rooms.
Here are some color combination for living room that would look great on the walls:

Pastel Colors

Pastel shades blend well together. These shades help you give that distinct look and feel to your homes. These modern color combinations give that soft, neutral, and soothing nature to your walls.

Purple and Grey

This color combination makes your walls look sophisticated and elegant This is a modern color scheme that will add that oomph factor to your homes.

Aquarium Blue and Grey

This is a very unique and modern color combination that infuses vibrant energy to the walls. This wall painting designs for living room appeals to the walls of your living room.

Blue and Yellow

This is an electric pair of modern colors. It adds that mellow mood to the home. This is like one of the most preferred wall painting for your living room.

Orange and White

This combination creates an ambience that is loved by every family. It is a unified color combination and is everyone’s favourite.

Grey on Grey

This is a color used from the monochrome palette. It is a neutral color that gives a pleasant and placid feel to your interiors. This color combination adds a classy touch to your home.

Grey on Grey Color Combination For Your Living Room

Cream and Aqua

This modern color scheme for your living room gives a cool mood to your homes. It is a combination that gives you a peaceful environment.

Navy Blue and White

This is like the minimalist color combination for your living room. It looks clean and elegant in your home. It makes the room look neat and spacious. It is an easy and obvious choice that one can have.

Navy Blue and White Color Combination For Your Living Room

Canary Yellow and Indigo

This is a very bold combination and only if you’re courageous, add this to your walls. They are powerful colors and give a bright and inviting feel to the home.

Well, these are just a few combinations that we had in mind for you. You can have a mix of many colors which suits your taste.


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