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Paint Ideas to Make a Small Apartment Look Stylish

Paint Ideas to Make a Small Apartment Look Stylish

Of all the interior designing and styling aspects, painting a small space probably remains the most challenging one. The lack of space eliminates various expressive design and decor ideas, leaving little room for exploration. One interior decor aspect that still holds the key to styling a small apartment right is the paint ideas we choose.

Choosing the right paint colours depends on a host of factors. Like, you may need to consider which direction your house faces, its lighting arrangements, the colour of the furnishing, the overall personality you need to create, and much more.

So, painting your small apartment right for a stylish look depends on many other characteristics than just the wall paint colours. We pick our choice of top three paint ideas you can choose for styling a small apartment.

Top 3 Small House Paint Colour Ideas

  1. Choose cool grey shades for east or west-facing rooms

Grey Shades for House

Selecting colour shades with warm tones keeps the room feeling bright and fresh. So, even if there’s not much space for sunlight to enter, it will still keep looking bright and amazing. Especially with rooms that are designed with their doors facing the east or west, selecting the cool grey shades can be just the right small room colour combination for an expansive and cosy feel.

Light grey shade can be a great interior paint idea as it allows effortless light dispersion from the wall. The colour also helps keep the room cool through low heat absorption and helps with a visual impact of spaciousness.

  1. Pick the dark navy blue colour for dimly lit study rooms and kitchen


Dark Navy Blue Paint Colours for wall

Dark colours, especially shades of blue are chosen to add depth to the overall space and are picked as one of the most useful paint tips to create an impression of spaciousness in small houses. Especially in rooms like study rooms and kitchens, which usually do not have much scope for natural light, painting the walls with a dark navy blue shade can add depth and a dramatic element to the house’s overall look.

Matching furniture like a sofa with the navy blue colour of the wall also helps add space by blending the room’s edges well.

  1. Paint the rooms having minimal architectural details with a greige shade

Greige Shade for House


A standout paint trick for small apartments is choosing a greige or light taupe shade for architecturally sparse rooms. It is an alternative to the thoroughly white shade and adds a touch of elegance to your home space. While enabling easy light dispersion throughout the room, it also adds warmth to the home, unlike the white shade.

As the greige shade has an inherently rich texture, it is best to use it to paint walls of a room that has a plain and simple design. It is also a great paint idea to choose if you would like your room to feel airy and light.

When employing different paint ideas for your small apartment, little details can mean a lot. Make sure to use a combination of paints that do not vary extremely in feel, depth, and lightness. It helps keep your home interiors well-tuned and keeps the space cosy for a laidback and comfortable stay.

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