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Which are the best 3 colour combinations for a living room?

Which are the best 3 colour combinations for a living room?

Indians are focussing on home colour combinations like never before. With top brands offering affordable pricing, even the middle class, which forms the majority of the Indian demography, is increasingly experimenting and redefining their living space.

Overview of Colour Combination for Living Room

Since we spend most of the time in the living room, the choice of colour becomes an important decision as it directly affects the vibes of the living space! Not only this, but your house’s interior colour combinations are also a representative of your style and sensibilities. The choice of house interior colour combination is not only important from the aesthetic point of view, but also from the psychological one. According to a study, it has been proven that the home colour combinations affect our moods and emotions to a considerable extent.

So, before choosing the home paint colour combination, please bear in mind the following:

1. The size:

If you have a small living room area, opt for lighter shades and off-white colour combinations. Light pastel colours like olive, peach, ivory, light greys and neutral tans are some contemporary unique interior colour combinations that make your small space look bigger, soothing and inviting. The options are infinite if you have a big living space, but the challenge here is to create a sense of cosiness. Choose from a variety of royal home colour combinations that suit your mood and style. For the accent wall, you can opt for darker shades of blue and green. Add a dash of light and neutral shades to maintain the colour balance.

2. The lighting:

If your room isn’t well illuminated, go for lighter interior colour combinations like light peach-olive, lavender-white, powder blue-white. The colours add light and liveliness to the room emanating positive vibes. If you receive natural sunlight in plenty, go for interior colour combinations that have dark green shades, deep purple or navy blue.

3. What defines you?

If you are a bachelor/bachelorette, then it’s going to be an easy decision to get the house interior colour combinations that reflect your personality and give a sense of belonging. However, if you are married or have a family, this is going to be a tricky one! But sitting down and deciding it with your partner is going to be fun. You can choose from smart home paint colour combinations in which one wall suits your taste and the other, your partner’s.

Types of Colour Combination

The walls of your living room should be in sync with your persona to induce a sense of belonging because home is indeed where the heart is!! The living room is all about family time or your leisure time, so the interior paint combination should be a soothing and relaxing one. Hence, choose wisely!

No need to get flustered! Indigo Paints is at your service by offering you a whole array of the most trending living room home wall colour combinations that you can try out for your home. Check out a few interesting ones listed below-

1. Blue and White/Ivory

Grey with Neutral tones for Study room with attached sofa cum bed

This one’s a classic house paint combination that never disappoints! Different shades of blue add an entirely different statement to your living room space. While lighter shades of blue will increase illumination and make the room look bigger, the darker shades add the element of sophistication and elegance. Pair it with the serenity of white colour. You can try ivory shade as well to give a unique royal touch.

2. Yellow and Grey

Best three colour combination for Living Room

Brighten up your mood with a hint of yellow sunshine on the walls of your monotonous living room. Yellow is amongst the most vibrant colours and signifies optimism, enlightenment, positivity, clarity, energy and all things bright!! Using grey with yellow balances the brightness and controls the extra illumination. Conventionally, white was used with yellow, but it only added the extra brightness which grey balances. Also, it adds a bit of subtle elegance and austerity to the look.

3. Olive and Peach

If you are a person who likes to live in the lap of nature, then this home paint colour combination is your thing. This is one unique interior colour combination that’ll surely earn you praises. It induces a sense of calmness and serenity, just like Mother Nature does. Apart from this, it also has an elegant look and feel, giving a whole new aesthetic angle to your house.

Step by step Guide Selecting Colour Combination for Living Room

• Choosing the best paint type

With numerous paint varieties available in the market, it is imperative to have the right information about the paint. Otherwise be ready to burn a huge hole in your pocket. Well, as far as the living room is concerned, acrylic-based paints are the best-suited ones as they offer resistance to mildew, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content, elasticity and durability. Also, acrylic-based paints allow you to choose various finishes like matte, silk and satin.

Indigo’s Luxury Interior Emulsion is a premium series of pure, acrylic-based emulsion home paint colour combinations, perfect for the living room owing to its superb stain resistance.

• The finish

The most important aspect that we tend to ignore often is choosing the best colour finish. There are various types of finishing effects like matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss- matte being the flats and high gloss being the shiniest. The others are in between and arranged in order of increasing shine-

Eggshell finish paints are a hit in households because of the good washability offered by them.

While matte gives you a cosy feel, high gloss and shine give you illumination owing to reflection of light.

Now that you have finalised both the colour combination and finish for your living room, it’s time to get the actual job done!

Painting tips

It doesn’t matter if you are outsourcing or going to try your hands at painting this time, you need to be sure that the wall surface is prepared well. The following tips will not only enhance the final paint finish but also make it durable:

1. Freshly cemented wall: This is the easiest! Just apply the primer surfacer and undercoat using a roller. Applying a sealer helps avoid unnecessary absorption of the paint.

2. Old painted wall: Sugar soaps do wonder while preparing old walls for painting. As a first step, clean the wall with sugar soap. Fill any gaps and cracks using filler to get a uniform surface. Once it dries, scrape it with sandpaper.

3. Wall that was earlier wallpapered: This one’s the trickiest! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back to remove the wallpaper easily- soak it with soap and warm water. Soak small portions at a time and go on removing as it soaks. Once you’ve removed the entire wallpaper, scrub the walls using sandpaper. After this, follow the steps mentioned in point 2.

4. Applying the overcoat: The ideal overcoat interval is in the range of 5-6 hours. While two coats are preferred for light home paint colour combinations, dark colour spills the magic in the third coat.

Benefits of using a different colour combination for living room

We are sure that these tips would help you choose the best interior colour combinations for your living room walls. These colour combinations are just like your apparels- they speak volumes about who you are, without uttering a single word. When choosing the palette, follow the adage “Keep it simple”. While decorating the interiors, be careful to choose colour combinations that strike a balance in contrast between the dark and light colours. Strictly avoid going monochrome!

The key to choosing the best interior paint combination is subtly making a statement and not being ostentatious. Entertain your guests to a whole new place that speaks for itself so much so that they can’t resist complimenting you. And not only this, just imagine yourself being soothed by just the look and feel of these beautifully painted walls after an exhaustive day at the office.


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