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10 ways to pick out the perfect exterior wall paint colour for your home

10 ways to pick out the perfect exterior wall paint colour for your home

Choosing the right exterior color combinations can be terrifying. Unlike interiors, exterior hues affect the entire street your house is located on, and that puts a lot of pressure on stakeholders when it comes to choosing the perfect palette. But don’t fret, since we have you covered. Here are ten ways to help you pick the perfect exterior house colors.

1. Start with an Inspiration

Exterior house colours, even though they might reflect your taste, but in the bigger picture, they affect the streetscape of where you live. Therefore, don’t haste. Skim through a variety of exterior colour combinations and look for inspiration. Keenly observe what draws your eye.

2. Inspect the Roof

The exterior house paint colours, needless to say, should go hand in hand with your roofing material. Especially with sloping roofs, the established colour of your ceilings cannot be changed. Asphalt, shingle, Mangalore tiles, metal, terracotta; there are as many options as there is number of colours.

3. Exposed Material

Finely done brickwork and/or stonework can look great in the exterior. Construction materials have their own range of colours, so think well if some home’s exterior elements can stay au naturel.

4. Testers to the rescue

Exterior house paint colours can come out very different than what you envision. Before you freeze your house exterior, be sure to ask for testers and patch them to see how they will turn out.

5. Pick the right Finish

The right paint does not end at the shade-number. Flat matte, flat enamel, eggshell enamel, hi-gloss, etc. there is so much to go for and so much to avoid.

Pick Out The Perfect Exterior Wall Paint Colour

6. Use light to accentuate monumentality

Just like bungalows and mansions are often done in white, add to your home’s sense of size and dignity by using white or beige/cream colour.

7. Use dark colours to add drama

If your streetscape allows for it, you can go for darker tones. Darker shades will make your house look smaller, but it will also add drama and draw attention to detail.

8. Stick to neutrals

We’re not asking you to stop the use of colours altogether, but for most exterior house paint colours, neutrals work wonders. Think of greys, earthy tones, etc.

9. Honour History

If you’re painting an old house exterior, consider its era and architectural style, and make the best of both worlds!

10. Undertones

One way to bring all the elements together in your house exterior is to understand undertones. This will save you from painting your home a little too pink, blue, and yellow, etc., and will help you in giving a stable and complete finish to the same.


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