3 Wall paint colours that will transform your home interiors

3 Wall Paint Colours to Transform Your Home Interiors

Do you know that the wall paint colours you choose for your home affect your mood? Hence, they have to be absolutely stunning and pleasing for your eyes every time you walk across or relax in the rooms. From soothing neutrals to bright shades that strike the eyes, it is absolutely your choice. However, it is also significant to stay on trend and apply interior wall paints that are more popular than the previous years.


Whether you are renovating or relocating, finding the right wall paint for your home can be a challenge. From choosing the different tones of a shade to deciding which colour combinations would suit best, these require good research and recommendations from experts. And to recommend you some of the best interior wall paint colours, we have here for you three options of wall paints that will promise to transform your home interiors:


Island Pink: As unique as the name, Island Pink is subtle and an absolutely soothing shade to gaze at all day long. The colour takes a step further to come in full glory when combined with a pure white or off-white wall paint shade. The colour Island Pink or its combination with white can also make for the perfect colour theme, especially for Indian homes where hot and humid weather is common. The light shades will help soothe the spaces, while the addition of accessories in neutral and natural colours like brown and green will add up to brightening up the house.

Marigold: The bright yellow colour of marigold flowers with hints of orange and red shades make for one of the most stunning wall paints for home. It is a celebration of bright shades that come together to uplift the atmosphere of any room, be it a bedroom or a living room. To enhance the use of this shade further, you can add greens, whites, and browns in the form of accessories. If your apartment is blessed with fresh air due to the region of residence of height in the building, you can choose to add white curtains. Do not miss out on beautifying the room with green plants of your choice, and add wooden furniture to further ace up the look.

Emerald Green: This is another stunning shade which can be pretty bold for many. However, when this unique home wall paint colour is combined with a lighter tone such as beige, white or even baby pink, emerald green can do wonders to the interior space. You can also turn the heat up by taking a step further by adding other bold shades for the accessories of the space. For instance, you can invest in cherry red sofa sets, colourful carpets, and wooden furniture to create an ambience that speaks stories in each corner.

Choosing one house wall paint as the primary colour and another as the accent never fails to come together. They are always on trend and make for an effortless way to ace up your home interior décor game. Additionally, there never really is a bad or wrong colour combination because each person differs in terms of taste and choices. So, you can easily combine shades of your choice to get that dream vibe for your personal space.


However, it is also important to understand that there may be certain shades that are just not made for each other. And to ensure that your interior wall paint design colours are the best, it is always recommended to do good research and consult with the experts in the industry. Other simple considerations to make when trying wall paint colours for your interior are:


Follow the Trends: This is important if you like to stay up-to-date and ace your home décor goals. Following the trends also doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow the few colour palettes that are trending. Instead, you can add your touch of colour to the trending ones.

Do Not Fear: Be bold to try new shades of colours and patterns. If you have never tried bold shades such as greens and red, give it a try to at least understand if the shades will go well with your interior.

Do Not Overcrowd: Allow the painted walls of your home to breathe. Add your choices of accessories to the desired corners and walls, but do not overcrowd them. This will allow the colours to pop up well.


At Indigo Paints, we love to study and bring to you trending and gorgeous wall paint design colours so that you can relax and make your choice without much effort. We hope that the above three wall paint colours have made their way to your wall paint for home list, and they offer you some eye-catching results. You can also check out our other wall paint colour options and combinations here or try our exclusive solutions from our readymade colour combinations page.

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